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Jessica | 8 comments While perusing the Internet, I discovered this little gem:


I can honestly say that I wholeheartedly agree with the ladies in New York and around the world who are fighting this!

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Jo (jo_9) | 373 comments Mod
Ha. Yes indeed, i'm not sure where you are but the "tampon tax" has been tackled here in the UK recently too. Luckily, it's going to be scrapped and apparently:

"The £15m raised each year from charging VAT on tampons will be used to fund women's health and support charities" the chancellor has announced.

message 3: by Erica (new)

Erica (ericawelter) | 26 comments Fantastic! It costs more to live as a woman yet we make less money. Go figure. Kudos to the UK.

Ariadna Cebrián | 34 comments In Spain tampons have an 10% VAT, the aplicable to "luxury items". It's insane and some people are fighting to reduce it at 4% ("first need items")

And what about general items you can find on a supermarket, being the pink-women ones more expensive than the blue-men ones? Specially in hygiene and beauty products, because companies know women will pay for them no matter the price (we've been told to), and men won't.

This tumblr is really interesting. It's in French but the pictures are the significant point:

It's also a hashtag:

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