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Tiffany Lee (tiffany_lee) | 5 comments I am currently in the process of writing the second in a Romantic Suspense Series about an Irish Family in Boston. Book 1, Declan, The Ryan's, was released about a year and a half ago. Each book has/will have it's own HEA.

As I'm about 3/4 of the way complete, receiving input and pretty much just an extra set of eyes, would be extremely helpful! :) If you're interested, feel free to respond to this post or email me at

Additionally, if you'd like to check out the first book in the series for background information, it is listed on my Goodreads Author Page.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and I hope to hear back!

Prologue Teaser:

“Chill, Jon.” I picked up the landline next to the fridge, wondering who in the world it could be.

The only reason we had a landline was for Jon’s school, and Ginny. Sometimes I’d get the random telemarketer, or a friend of Jon’s who didn’t have his new cell number. And Ginny rarely called, because Jon was absolutely amazing at keeping up the communication with his other Grandma. Even though she lived in a gorgeous condo in Arlington on Mystic Lake that wasn’t too far away, ever since Charles had passed away two years ago she rarely left her home.

Speaking of, I needed to set up a time for Jon and me to go up and visit her again. The anniversary of Charles’ passing was in two weeks, and she would need the both of us to be with her when she went to his grave. No way could Ginny handle that on her own. Visiting the grave of her husband, knowing that two of the three men in her life who were her whole world, were no longer of this world, would definitely use up the little strength she had to keep going.

“Ryan Residence,” I answered.

“Soph?” Ginny’s soft voice trembled. “Oh, Lordy. My sweet Soph, I…,” her soft entreaty broke before she could voice the rest of what she was going to say.

I was rooted to the spot. Remembering the last time Ginny had sounded like that. When I’d finally gained consciousness and looked up from the hospital bed to see her sitting next to me, soft face lined with pain. Confirming my worst f*****g nightmare. That the soul destroying memory rattling around in my brain of those smartly dressed soldiers walking into the Pub was just that. A f*****g memory. Not a horrible dream that I’d wake up from, knowing my beautiful Jonathan would be home to hold me, soon. That I wouldn’t have to go through a long, painful, and downright scary labor when Jon was born being strangled by his own umbilical cord, all by myself. Or raising our gorgeous little baby boy as a single mother, having to rely on the men in our families to teach our son how to be a good and honorable man. Ginny’s broken voice focused my depressing thoughts back on the present.

“Jonathan’s alive, he’s alive…” But I didn’t hear anything after that. My vision started dimming around the edges, and I couldn’t seem to draw enough air into my lungs. Before my ass met the floor, I felt the phone leave my numb fingers, and my amazing brother had his arm around me. Holding me up, just like he always did.


Thank you so much for taking a minute to read my post, and I hope to hear from you!! :)

Tiffany Lee

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Dawn Altieri (dawnaltieri) | 3 comments Hi Tiffany,

Your story sounds interesting! I assume it can be read as a stand-alone, or will I be lost not having read your first book?

I am also working on a romantic suspense (roughly 97k) about an NYPD detective who falls for a woman being targeted by the serial killer he's investigating. Judging from your excerpt, we seem to have a similar writing style. I'm wondering if you might be interested in trading reads?


message 3: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Lee (tiffany_lee) | 5 comments Dawn,

Thank you for your interest! And I would be honored to do a swap!

You could definitely read it as a stand alone, as I do my best to cover, but not overdo, each of the side characters from the first book in addition to any pertinent plot lines.

Let me know how you prefer to do the swap, what specifically you're hoping to receive feedback wise, etc. and the format you prefer to read.

Looking forward to it, Dawn!!


message 4: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Altieri (dawnaltieri) | 3 comments Great! I'll send you an email. Thanks!


message 5: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Lee (tiffany_lee) | 5 comments Looking forward to it, Dawn! :)

message 6: by Janelle (new)

Janelle | 4 comments The prologue teaser has piqued my interest. If you are still looking for feedback I would love to assist.

message 7: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Lee (tiffany_lee) | 5 comments Janelle,

I'd love to get your input! Do you have a review or blog site that I could check out? Just curious as to what your typical genre preferences are, and what writing/author styles you're interested in?

This is the second in a romantic suspense series, but I give information throughout the book to guarantee the reader is not lost if they want to read it as a stand alone.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Warm Regards,

Tiffany Lee

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