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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 3 comments Hi,
New to Israel and SciFi is one of my fav reading subjects. I ran two book clubs back home (in Paris; En and Fr) with lots of success and I would more than love to meet in person and discuss scifi.

I'm in Tel Aviv. Are there ppl here (or willing to,come here) interested in doing a monthly in person meet-up to discuss a chosen book? I don't mind organising. I've hosted bookclubs at both cafés and at people's homes.

To not have a super long delay; if I may be so bold as to suggest a first book to get us started and then we could vote for books in subsequent months if there is interest.

There is an interesting book, a series actually, that you can download the first book for free, called The Game by Terry Schott. It's free, it's short (under 300 pages), and it has a lot of discussion fodder.

We could meet at the end of March or beginning of April to discuss.

Any takers? :-)

message 2: by Nimrod (last edited Mar 04, 2016 07:40AM) (new)

Nimrod Daniel (nimroddaniel) | 314 comments Mod
HI Rachel,

First of all - Welcome to Israel !! :)

Having a meeting of fantasy and scifi enthusiasts sounds like a good idea. Tel-Aviv is pretty close to where I live, so the location is fine by me. But unfortunately, I can't commit to reading another book during the next month or two..... :( , though if we arrange a meeting (let's say before the one you mentioned? ) to talk about more general stuff, like favourite authors/books/sub-genres etc, without an obligation to read a specific book then I'll probably join :)

message 3: by Genia (new)

Genia Lukin | 42 comments I'd come for a monthly book club meeting in Tel Aviv (and even offer to host one perhaps), also with the caveat that I don't always have time to read the monthly books.

message 4: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei | 37 comments Welcome to Israel, Rachel!

I don't live anywhere near Tel Aviv (in the Negev) and am a wheelchair user, which means I can't come if there are stairs. That being said, I'd be thrilled to meet with other readers, enough to drive to Tel Aviv, but the night of the week is important. I couldn't come Monday or Thursday unless I changed my schedule for other things (don't think I could do Thursdays regardless).

message 5: by Havva (new)

Havva Sounds like a great idea :) I also live in the Negev, and have more free time in the mornings, as I usually work in the evenings.

message 6: by Esther (last edited Mar 28, 2016 12:26AM) (new)

Esther (eshchory) | 218 comments Mod
I live at the opposite end of the country near Rosh Hanikra so maybe an annual meet up might be possible (Icon anyone?) But I will download the book and have a go.

BTW I feel bad that I totally forgot to mention it but did anyone go to Dorot in Haifa. I could only go after work but it was a lot of fun and quite a success, hopefully enough that it will be repeated next year.

message 7: by Havva (new)

Havva Icon sounds good :)

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 3 comments What is Icon?

Btw, I started a meet up group for an in-person book club in tel aviv. Feel free to join (even if you're not in tlv) :-)

And, I like the idea of an annual get together.

message 10: by Simcha (last edited Jan 11, 2017 02:57AM) (new)

Simcha Lazarus (sclazarus) | 258 comments Mod
Hi Rachel,
(sorry I'm a bit late to respond)
Welcome to Israel and to the group!
A meetup is a great idea and We'd love to help arrange one (or a few).
I just created a poll to get an idea of where people would be interested in meeting up so that we can get started.

message 11: by Shlomo (new)

Shlomo  Ron | 12 comments I want to add they I'm always more than happy to meet sci-fi & fantasy lovers, so let's do it!

message 12: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 3 comments Thanks, but if you look at the link I posted above on April 4 of last year, you'll see I started a successful sci-fi book club here already. I have 200 members and we meet once a month in Tel aviv. We've had 7 meet-ups so far, with around 6-10 ppl at each one. I lead the discussion on the book we voted on. We have 2 upcoming (this sunday and early feb). We will be voting on our read for March and April shortly. Everyone is welcome.

message 13: by Simcha (new)

Simcha Lazarus (sclazarus) | 258 comments Mod
Rachel wrote: "Thanks, but if you look at the link I posted above on April 4 of last year, you'll see I started a successful sci-fi book club here already. I have 200 members and we meet once a month in Tel aviv...."

Sounds awesome!

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