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message 1: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I received this email. Thought some of you might be interested in reading it and commenting - Be Nice...okay don't be nice. Another parasite trying to make money off unsuspecting authors. Do people go for this????


I saw your ebook. From the synopsis it looks like a high quality ebook. If you are looking for some real promotion and exposure for your book, I have a few offers for you. My book promotion packages are extremely affordable and can be customized to your book. Email me at if you are interested in screenshots and samples. (I DO NOT check messages here, email me for fast response)

You can also contact me through my website:

Some of the ways I can help you are (ANY one of the following services you purchase will cost you 15 USD, discounts are available if you purchase more than one service at a time; also note that if you want more than what is offered here, remember that discounted upgrades are available for each and every service mentioned; SPECIAL OFFER: Buy (a), (b) (c), (d), (e) (f) and (h) for just 85 USD instead of 105 USD!):

a) I can post 1 honest, detailed, insightful and helpful review on your book. This review will highlight all the positive aspects of your book and enlighten your future readers regarding the real essence and worth of your book. The book review is written by an avid book reader and Native English speaker so you can be assured of quality.

b) I can promote your book on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc). You get 100% targeted traffic from book readers located in English speaking countries.

c) I can promote your book on 10 high quality websites EXCLUSIVELY devoted to promoting free kindle books - on Kindle free days. I can also promote your book if it is on Kindle countdown promotion (please note that it is up to each site's owner to decide whether to list your book or not. If your book listing is approved, it will be shown ONLY during the promotion period). In addition, I can also offer you GUARANTEED free Kindle ebook downloads or book purchases (in other words, you can ask me to buy/download your ebook for as many times as you want, for a nominal fee). This in turn can boost your Amazon rankings even further!

d) I offer a review 'up-voting' and 'down-voting' service. For existing reviews on Amazon, you can ask for a maximum of 30 up-votes or 30 down-votes, or a combination of up-votes and down-votes which doesn't exceed 30. This is quite helpful if there are some positive reviews you want to be up-voted, or some negative reviews you want to be down-voted. For an extra 15 USD, I can also defend your negative reviews on Amazon by posting upto 3 comments on them (you need to provide me with the comments).

e) I can add 30 likes to your positive reviews on Goodreads. All likes come from unique accounts and multiple IPs.

f) I can add your book to 35 - 40 popular listopia lists by voting for them. All votes come from unique accounts and multiple IPs.

g) Do you have a free ebook in PDF format you want to share with the world? I can distribute your free PDF to 15 TOP QUALITY websites. These websites rank high in search engines and are considered to be authority sites for PDF sharing.

h) My BESTSELLER SO FAR: I will rate your book with as many stars you want on Goodreads, post 1 honest review, mark your book as 'read', become your fan and add your book to the listopia list of your choice.

i) Do you have a press release written for your book? I can submit your press release to 10 HIGH RANKING press release submission sites. Don't have one press release written already? Don't know how to write a press release? Well don't worry because I can also write the press release ad for you for a very nominal fee.

Email me at if you are interested. (SERIOUS buyers only, please. I am too busy to respond to tire kickers)

In addition, I can also create professional author trailers as well as video testimonial for your book. I can also write book blurbs, back cover matter etc., for your book or add an extra PUNCH to your existing blurb to make it more exciting. I can also help you build a website for your book and if you have one already, I can offer you a helpful critique on what works and what does not about your site. I can also re-write your website content.

I also offer beta reading, proofreading and writing services. Contact me for details

If you need any other service, let me know.

message 2: by E.G. (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) Well, it's well written and detailed. We can give him/her that. A lot of the spam I get is barely coherent. I particularly like the reverse close:

SERIOUS buyers only, please. I am too busy to respond to tire kickers

(S)he has more work than (s)he can handle, but has the time and motivation for spam? *rolls eyes*

message 3: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 506 comments e) I can add 30 likes to your positive reviews on Goodreads. All likes come from unique accounts and multiple IPs.

Can one smell spam bots?

message 4: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Rand At least (s)he doesn't promise results. Then again, that's like praising a dog for only pissing on the carpet and not shitting on it. :-/

message 5: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 506 comments Virginia wrote: "At least (s)he doesn't promise results. Then again, that's like praising a dog for only pissing on the carpet and not shitting on it. :-/"

ROFL!!! but sometimes the number two is easier to clean up.

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Marie Gabriel (lisamariegabriel) | 46 comments I got one too, now I don't feel so special. ;) Anyone else?

message 7: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 506 comments I didn't get that one but one similar from a web called book bastards who claimed being friends with me on GR...I wished I knew who that is.. he/she'd get removed fast lol

message 8: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) Love your comments. I received another one almost identical.

message 9: by Kyra (last edited Mar 04, 2016 12:58PM) (new)

Kyra Halland (kyrahalland) I've gotten a few of these. A couple as messages here; I reported the first one to Goodreads, but then another popped up. I reported it again. I also get them as emails and entries on my "contact me" form on my site (according to my site stats, they seem to be coming from India, Bangladesh, and the Phillippines). The review up/down voting, review liking, and list voting are totally scummy, not to mention the paid reviews, and I don't think I need to pay someone to share free PDFs of my book on free books websites, the pirates can do that themselves, thank you very much. >.<

It makes me sad and mad to think there are authors who are naive or desperate enough they might fall for this. Sad for them, mad at these scumbags for preying on them.

message 10: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 1398 comments Mod
I received a few emails like that here on Goodreads. One way you know it's spam right away is when they say "I checked out your book.." well if you have more than one book than you know it's bogus cause they would refer to a book you've written by name if it were legit.

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez | 1720 comments i got a few, and tuned out halfway through. some can be very well written and thought out, but just really leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

message 12: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Markus | 1 comments I was curious and checked out the website. There are screen shots of the services he offers. The grammar is terrible. Obviously English isn't his first language.

message 13: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I really hope the people don't fall for this.

message 14: by E.G. (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) They must be going through Listopia. I've just received the exact same email. Scfi is at the end of the alphabet, so that would track.

I briefly considered messaging back that we're on to him/her - that there is even thread trashing this offer. But that falls afoul of the first rule of social media - Do not feed the trolls.

message 15: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) True, lowering yourself to their level etc - but it's sooooo tempting.

message 16: by John (new)

John Zanetti E.G. wrote: "They must be going through Listopia. I've just received the exact same email. Scfi is at the end of the alphabet, so that would track.

I briefly considered messaging back that we're on to him/her ..."

Absolutely right not to respond. Confirming to them a live address plays right into their hands.

message 17: by Angelic (new)

Angelic Rodgers I just got two copies of this email and a friend request from "Jamie." Flagged all three as spam.

message 18: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) Wish we could send them a virus or something equally nefarious!!

message 19: by E.G. (last edited Apr 06, 2016 06:51AM) (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) Apparently messaging along wasn't working. Yesterday, not only did a get a 'friend' request with this same ad, but they also put it in a question on my author page.

I flagged both and they're gone this morning. I pulled the friend invitation out of the trash and the link comes up with a 'no profile' message. So GoodReads seems to have acted quickly.

message 20: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez | 1720 comments hey i got it too! i feel special and one of you all! :D but yeah it really seemed like they upped their game by including friend requests with it

message 21: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) And the plot thickens. They'll use any ruse to catch unwary authors.

message 22: by T.R. (last edited May 23, 2016 03:18PM) (new)

T.R. | 1 comments New member here, letting you know I just got this message as well - the scammer is very much still around : / (in fact, I found this thread after googling " goodreads" - "BooksGuy" is the latest username of his)

Thanks for confirming everything I already suspected.

message 23: by Anna (last edited Jul 08, 2016 02:43AM) (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) I've just Googled the same email and come up with this thread.

This Jamie G is becoming a stalker. I've just been emailed at my private email address which is given out to very, very few people and never made public.

This person is no slacker. If he/she put his talents to good use, they might be respected.

It's almost certain that the email is bogus - it traces back to a Louise Shelton and she is probably totally unaware that her address is being used. This scammer comments on authors' blogs by leaving the same wording as shown by Yolanda.

message 24: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I wish there was some way of nailing this person.

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