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Mushishi, Vol. 1
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K.N. (karmaplace) Happy reading and mark your spoilers, please!

K.N. (karmaplace) I started this... I like the storyline, though it's nothing particularly unique once you take a closer look (though this may just be my opinion). I like the art too, except that the hands and feet are huge (startlingly so)! The fictional historical setting is a nice bonus that's got the nerd in me excited.

K.N. (karmaplace) I liked this, but I've decided I'm going to watch the anime instead of reading the manga, mostly because the anime is supposed to be gorgeous:

Is anyone else picking this up? Has anyone seen the anime?

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Melanie | 1 comments I have. The anime is awesome in my opinion or at least season 1. They have season 2 on netflix which I am not enjoying as much as I did season 1. The story line and narration suffer as opposed to the animation still being done well. I have yet to read the manga to see how the two compare.

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