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How Many Have You Read?

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message 1: by Robin Bo (new)

Robin Bo (robideg) | 15 comments Hi all,

You may have noticed that I have added Tim as one of the moderators. Tim actually works at Stefen's on Tuesdays and thus is inanimately acquainted with all the goings on and may be able to post any upcoming books!

Now - back to the topic! Obviously anyone who is actually a part of this book club on the regular will have read most of these but I am curious how many books you have read from the posted list?

I quite obviously haven't participated as often as I should have and so am only at about 7-8 of them! Shocking really! Will have some making up to do over this year methinks!

message 2: by Ian (new)

Ian Casey | 7 comments All of them since Mission of Gravity and a few of the earlier ones in the ordinary course of reading.

Thank you for taking the trouble to set this up, Robin Bo. Can we add A Feast Unknown and Grimscribe: His Lives and Works to the list?

message 3: by Robin Bo (new)

Robin Bo (robideg) | 15 comments Happy to add anything I missed. I just need to know what month the book was read in and year (to keep everything in order) and whether it was a normal book club book or an odd one!

I have my system!

message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian Casey | 7 comments A Feast Unknown was 26/04/2015.
Grimscribe: His Lives and Works was 28/02/2016.

It's nice that you put The Vorrh on the list even though it was outside the standard book clubs.

I'm glad you have a system.

message 5: by Robin Bo (new)

Robin Bo (robideg) | 15 comments Done and done!!

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