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message 1: by Wade (new)

Wade | 137 comments List a character that can kill the character above them with a brief reason or strength. EX:
Person1: day (legend) Street smart.
Person2: Cal(red Queen) he could light him on fire and burn him to death.
Person3: Percy Jackson (The Olympians) he could drown Cal and his fire.

I shall start Celaena Sardothien (Throne of glass) she's an skilled assassin.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know the character, but I'm going to say Voldemort (Harry Potter) for his skill in dark magic!

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 38 comments Darth Vader because not only does he have the Force, but a wicked lightsaber!

message 4: by Daphne (new)

Daphne (lapladap) Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites) because she could create illusions and Vader couldn't use the force on them.

message 5: by Natalie (new)

Natalie (teelie) | 155 comments Cinder (The Lunar chronicles) because she has that device in her that lets her see through illusions. Plus she has those tranquilizer darts

message 6: by Nitu (new)

Nitu (nitus) | 50 comments Sam Parker (Here Be Sexist Vampires) because she can pull energy and create a shield to fend off those darts. Of course she has that badass energy whip as well.

message 7: by ☼ fleur ☼ (new)

☼ fleur ☼ (fleurbooks) | 40 comments Vin from Mistborn: The Final Empire because she is able to see the future for however long her atium (metal) lasts, and she's very good at combat. It burns very quickly though.

message 8: by Ilhaam (new)

Ilhaam (thomascrswell) Feyre archeron
She can winnow

message 9: by KimyQueen (new)

KimyQueen | 32 comments I don't know her but I'd say ; Lysandra from throne of glassbecause she can shift into something deadly and kill her

message 10: by Aastha (new)

Aastha | 146 comments Rhysand

He can go inside her mind and shatter it (although I would never want to kill her)

message 11: by Malena (new)

Malena (tbonemalena) | 18 comments Amren because she is this wicked monster thing from another world in a human body.

message 12: by KimyQueen (new)

KimyQueen | 32 comments Julian Jacos
Because he a singer which he has a superpower that can make her do whatever he wants with only looking at her in the eye, and then he can make her kill herself silently, easily and spare himself all the trouble

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