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Rawan AlHamad | 4 comments Mod
Has anyone read this book? If so, leave a post of your review and recommendation..

I have read this book a few days ago, and it currently is one of the best books I have ever read! Seriously, I was so into it as I went through it. It really broke my heart. It was so amazing from beginning to end, there is NOTHING that I disliked.
All days, when I go to bookshops I'd pass through it an look at it and just say, "nah, I won't buy it" But this one day I just kept staring at it, I just grabbed it and bought it. The next day after buying it, I started reading it.
I know that there is a movie that was out in 2015, and I'm dying to see it, but I can't seem to find it online so I'll have to go to a movies shop and hopefully find it.

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Dalal AlYousef | 3 comments What book is it

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Dalal AlYousef | 3 comments What book is it

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Erin McGowan  (errorcode) Dalal wrote: "What book is it"

Room - Emma Donoghue

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Lususnaturae I have downloaded the movie ages ago but haven't watched it yet in hopes of reading the book first, as for the book; I read a couple of pages but I had other books that are more urgent on my list I didn't get to finishing it, though I read great reviews about it and it seemed interesting enough

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