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message 1: by Lavay (new)

Lavay Byrd | 73 comments Now that The Soter Herd is currently being edited, I'm now writing the first draft of the fourth book of the series. This is the LAST book of the entire series! AAAAHHH! I'm almost done! So overwhelming at how much God has brought me this far from 2010, when I wrote my very first book The Miraculous Birth . Now, I'm really excited to finish it.

SPOILER ALERT: the Title is called *drum roll* "THE FINAL BATTLE."

I already made the cover, and I'll be posting it on Goodreads soon.

Here's the logline:
"Aurora, her family, and her newfound friends uncover an evil, secret plot against the equines, and witness what will become the last battle between the Light Horse and the Dark Horse."

So, I'll be posting the first chapter in this folder for some feedback.


message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne Caitlin (annebcaitlin) | 74 comments Wow awesome!!!! Keep up the good work and you're doing AWESOME at this!!! I've technically been writing for... Six years now?? And I've never even finished a first draft!!! That tells you a lot XD XD

message 3: by Lena, Shot through the heart, and you're to blame (new)

Lena (lenakarynn) | 1526 comments Mod
Wow! That's awesome, Lavay! Congrats, and good luck! :)

message 4: by Lavay (new)

Lavay Byrd | 73 comments Thanks!

message 5: by Lavay (new)

Lavay Byrd | 73 comments Hey, everyone! It's been forever since I last posted . Well, last year (2017) I finished my children's series "Light Horse Dark Horse" with the fourth and last book The Final Battle. I almost cried when I finished, but I'm really thankful for how far I've come in finishing by the grace of God. (Never thought I'd make it).

So, what's new? I'm writing a BRAND NEW series, but this one is geared for teens and young adults (14 & up). It's entitled "The Aethon Chronicles", with four full-blown epic novels (plus two novellas and a short story). The cool thing is, each novel can be read as a standalone, but they all connect over a span of 500 years or so.

The world is quite different from "Light Horse Dark Horse". In it are six non-humanoid races of "equines": Horses, Unicorns, Cervisteeds, Capricorns, Lupines, and Pegasi. Two of those I made up. Each of these races live in civilizations with architecture similar to our own in ancient times. For example, the Horses of the realm of Aethon (my main race) are based on the Ancient Greeks.

SPOILER ALERT: Each book is based/inspired by the Old Testament (with some twists).

So, I recently published book 1: The Guardian. I'm currently writing my first draft of book 3.

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