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message 1: by Honi (new)

Honi | 833 comments Here it is. :)

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) | 1381 comments Heya.
I know this is a pretty common question, but do you have any ideas? I favor a lot of science fiction based stuff, but anything works for me. Unless I say otherwise, I'm pretty much good with any roleplay.

message 3: by Honi (new)

Honi | 833 comments every human has an angel that protects them. A girl has had a hard past and is now the "bad girl" at her high school and when a new guy moves into town she lets down her walls and lets him in. He learns of her past and that demons are after her because of a pact her parents made. She taught herself to fight so she could survive.

How is this idea?

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) | 1381 comments Ooh, I like it.
Let me guess, you would like to play the girl?
And if that sounded rude, it wasn't meant to be. I know sometimes it's hard to understand how people mean or say things when they write them, but I swear it was just a question.
I wouldn't mind playing the guy, if you'd like to play the girl.
I'm sorry, I'm probably typing too much.

message 5: by Honi (new)

Honi | 833 comments Lol it is ok I tend to type a lot as well. Yes I would like to be the girl because I have ideas for her. I hope you don't mind crappy grammar.

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) | 1381 comments I'm not too fond of it, but it's something I can tolerate. Okay, and I'll be the guy. Charries now?

message 7: by Honi (new)

Honi | 833 comments Yep. :)

That work?

message 8: by Honi (new)

Honi | 833 comments Or are you wanting more?

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) | 1381 comments Agh sorry no that's perfectly fine.

ℱҩℓℓℯη ∀ηɠℯℓ  † (thefallenangel23) | 1381 comments Name:
Eighteen (human years)

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