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Julie Balen | 12 comments Post your book review and then comment on the reviews of others.

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Julie Balen | 12 comments Maggie Stiefvater

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater is part fantasy, part mythology, and has a whole bunch of horses. Yes, the main characters are teenagers, but there is nothing silly or trivial about their problems. Puck has lost her parents and is about to lose her older brother. She rashly decides to enter a horse race that happens once a year; a race that claims the lives of many of the participants. Sean has also had loss in his life. He races every year and he wins. This story is set in Thisby, a small imaginary island with unknown history and one extraordinary feature--water horses.

This story captured my imagination through Stiefvater’s ability to transform the landscape and the natural elements into characters. We know about the wind, water, and cold. We know about the possibility of island life leaving us feeling claustrophobic. These elements create an atmosphere thick like the early fall mists that cover our fields and roads.

So many characters in this novel are starting over, or desperately want too. Gabe, Puck’s older brother, is determined to leave the island, to start his life on the mainland. Sean is offered an opportunity to move to the States, and Puck needs to find a way to reconcile the loss of her parents, and of Gabe. Stiefvater creates characters who struggle and fail, but who strive with all their might to make their new start happen.

What I love about this book is its honest exploration of trust and loyalty. There are many dilemmas. Stiefvater does not set out to tell her readers what to do. Rather she tells a compelling story and leaves it to us to draw our own conclusions.

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Austin (mejestik) | 1 comments The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater

Austin Pangowish’s Book Review to: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater is a part paranormal/fantasy, part mythology and involves a family of psychics. The main characters that are involved in this book are teenagers. These characters are Blue Sargent, Richard “Dick” Campbell Gansey III, Adam Parrish, Ronan Lynch and last but not least, Noah Czerny, pronounced “chair-knee”. Blue is from the family of psychics involved in the book and Gansey is a “rich kid”, as Blue would describe them, that goes to an all boys school/academy, Aglionby Academy. Gansey, is obsessed with ley lines and a long lost Welsh king and nobleman that ruled in the early 1400s. The other 3 boys in the book are all apart of Ganey’s “posse” and they help in his obsession to hunt for the ley lines and this long lost king. This story is based in the town of Henrietta, Virginia, USA.

The story that I have read wasn’t like any other that I have read. This story in particular picked at my mind and it picks at what is strangely on everyone’s mind but they all pass it off as “not real”. The paranormal or supernatural is what it is. This idea blends in with these characters and really gives them the credibility they deserve. Throughout the story, Blue meets up with one of these Aglionby boys, which she swore she would never talk with one, but she does and later on she stumbles on a journal that have belonged to one of them and after reading some of it she becomes interested in what it’s about. After, when all the character have met up and started on their journey, the goal which seemed far away have recently excelled faster than any of them would have expected. Later on, when they thought they were getting closer, they run into a problem, a man, that slows down their journey and a while before this man was also obsessed with ley lines and the Welsh king, just like Gansey, when he was about his age.

Overall, when it came down to it and when it came down to who the character realler underneath, my favourite character would have to be Adam, Adam Parrish. He had to be my most favourite because of how observant he is and how realizes many thing about himself as goes through his life in Henrietta. Adam reminds me a lot of myself and how my behaviour is when I’m around other people and honestly, that is also how I am when I am by myself. If anybody else were to read this book, I think someone that is interested in reading fantasies about magic and about the paranormal/supernatural would like and/or love to read this book.

Also, in the story, the book ties to the theme of starting over in many different ways and some are subtly there but there are many different ways the story, characters, and ideas throughout the book start over. An example of this theme can be found in the character of Adam Parrish because of his behaviour constantly starts over and he has different one every day, treating everyday as a day to start over. The characters in this book also do support the theme/idea of reconciliation. The theme or the idea of it didn’t really start until after Gansey, Adam, and Ronan went for a reading at a psychic which happened to be Blue’s family, or rather her mom Maura. After, the 3 boys were not allowed to come back and associate with Blue, but since everything was starting to add up throughout the book, their problems seems smaller than what was going on and it was at this time that it was a time of reconcile with the three boys back with friendly arms.

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Starlee | 3 comments Paper Towns

Starlee K.
Book Review

Paper Towns, this is a fictional novel by John Green. The main characters are just your ordinary teenagers, one of whom has a knack for mysteries. One day after a night of adventure, Margo Roth Spiegelman disappears. However, she leaves a “breadcrumb trail” of clues. Quentin, the main character, and his friends go on a journey to find her, solving her clues and finding out more about her and find themselves questioning if they know the real her at all. They hit roadblocks and get stumped at her incentives, but after a month of rereading poems and visiting the same places countless times, they get closer to finding her but are scared to what they might find.

I liked this book a lot, it kept my interest the whole way. My favourite character is Ben, one of Quentin’s best friends, who is very funny. I was able to relate to the relationships Quentin has with his friends, Ben and Radar. It made me laugh how similar their relationship can be with my own. I would surely recommend this book to someone who likes humour and mystery it’s a book full of lessons and finding meaning that also gives you a different outlook on things.

In this book there is evidence of reconciliation. When Margo and Quentin were younger, they used to be best friends. Their parents are also friends and being next door neighbours, they seen each other a lot. As they grew up and started going to high school they were both in different groups of people and new friends which drifted them apart. When the night came when Margo asked Quentin to go for a night of adventure he agreed and it brought them closer together and he got to know her more than what he he thought and seen from afar.

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Julie Balen | 12 comments Austin wrote: "The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) by Maggie StiefvaterMaggie Stiefvater

Austin Pangowish’s Book Review to: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater is a part paranormal/fantasy, part myt..."

Terrific review Austin! You told us enough about the story and characters to hook us in, but you didn't give away too much! Nicely done. I also love how you tie the book to the theme of reconciliation.

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Adrian Trudeau | 3 comments Pittacus Lore
Adrian Trudeau
Ms. Balen
March 24, 2016
I Am Number Four

The title of this book is I Am Number Four written by Pittacus Lore. The book is a non-fiction, fantasy book. It is a really good read if you like reading non-fiction or fantasy. This book is well recommended. John and Henri are the main characters in the book, Henri is John`s guardian they are from a planet called Lorien. There is nine of them and the other three have been caught and killed from Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are the ones who have taken over Lorien and all the families that have been living there were all told to be split up. After all the people from the planet were split up from their families and went different ways running away trying not to be over the radar or the Mogadorians will be able to track and find John and Henri.
The book is a fiction/fantasy. That the author have wrote a really nice piece of art and made a series out of it. The characters are so human like they look likes us, talk like us, we live among you. But they are not us, and they blend in really good. The main character John he was late on receiving his legacy. John and his guardian are on the run for their lives because mogadorians are after them and want to kill them. They have to keep a low profile and keep out of business because it will make it easier to track them and find them. So they have a lot of challenges especially for John moving to new schools all the time, being the new kid, trying to make new friends. John gets bullied and picked on a lot and he has to keep cool because after his legacy comes in his hands glow and he becomes real strong. He has to be able to train and use them properly if he wants to beat the mogadorians. “I am number four and I am next”. John has to be my favorite character he is a teen trying to and wanting to be a regular teen living in one place. But he has all of these problems he has to deal with and he just lives to the best of his abilities waiting for his legacies knowing that the mogadorians are coming for him. My favorite part of the book Is, the beginning of the first couple chapters. The book is really good in the beginning of the it gives you information about what has happened to Lorien and what the Mogadorians are. Once you start reading you won't want to stop. If you are a person who likes to read non-fiction/fantasy books like me, I would strongly recommend this to you.

julianna pitawanakwat | 1 comments Ms.Black
Julianna Pitawanakwat-Ominika
March 24, 2016

The house of night series has 12 books in total. I am on book 4 called Untamed and right off the bat i'm loving the series. In this book it doesn't deal with Zoeys love life, but focuses more about coming into her own and she is beginning to represent the high priestess that she really is. High priestess are the most powerful vampires that have to teach fledglings the new vampires to control their actions and teach them at the house of night. The new character Stark is introduced, but his part was to short. I really loved how he was nice and caring for Zoey. Neferet the first high priestess has gone on a evil path. Aphrodite the one who always got on Zoeys bad side, is now friends with our beloved Zoey. I got really into the book and felt i was there with Zoey and her friends. In the middle of the action you are left unaware of what happened to some of the characters from the main group of friends. It was the biggest cliffhanger of the series thus far, leaving me waiting to find out how Zoey will save the world.
My favorite character of the book will have to be Aphrodite she has this attitude that really reminds me of my sister. Aphrodite will boss Zoey around and telling her things that hurt Zoey, but deep inside she really wants to be friends with Zoey and her other friends. She doesn't know how to express her feelings just yet. Just like my sister she will get mad at me for the little things, but when i go away she will miss me.
My favorite part of the book would have to be when Zoey and Aphrodite summons the goddess Nyx, because Aphrodite was the element of earth for a while, but she lost it. If you want to know more you will have to read the book.
Zoey was a human in the first book, but when she got marked by the goddess Nyx she became a vampire and had to move to the house of night and move there just liked her friends. I think this is her starting over with a new life.

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C Black Black (cblack122) | 1 comments TartyTarts wrote: "Ms.Black
Julianna Pitawanakwat-Ominika
March 24, 2016

The house of night series has 12 books in total. I am on book 4 called Untamed and right off the bat i'm loving the series. In ..."

Julianna, you have made some good personal connections with the characters in the novel! You don't give too much away. I think I need to know a bit more about what the series is about to follow the plot summary here.
I like that you were able to make a connection to the theme of starting over. What does this book tell you about starting over?

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Carlos | 1 comments The Hole In My Life

Genre - Adventure, Substance abuse, Life behind bars, growing up fast.
Author - Jack Gantos
The Author Jack Gantos is the main character in his own book, throwback to the summer of 1971 when Jack goes on a drastic adventure to crew a boat loaded with illegal, stolen drugs.. Paid with counterfeit money, Jack travels from the virgin islands to new york, eventually landing himself in jail. Was the 10, 000 reward worth it?
Gantos finds himself stuck behind bars armed with nothing, 21 years old Jack Gantos weighed one hundred and twenty five pounds managing to shift through the days unnoticed by men who spent the majority of their time looking to inflict pain on others.
“Fear of being a target of irrational violence haunted me day and night.”
(Skulls - Freaks for violence)

Overall impression: This book is fascinating to me from all the drug smuggling, misfits, growing old, and discovering yourself within. Jack Gantos has to learn to adapt fast and conquer challenges far more powerful and more experienced than himself, But no matter how big you are there is no escaping brutality.
Result of violence has been seen from 10 people smashing in someone's face, beating someone with a metal tool, or a rock and all for no other reason than some imagined offense or to establish a reputation for savagery.

Were the Characters credible? - Yes, Jack Gantos literally wrote this book on his past experiences, no wonder you fell so drawn to it. All of the emotions and thoughts during the situation or environment all get written on to the page and bring the same thoughts to your mind.
When Jack imagines/ feels threatened you feel threatened as well.

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Eric Cooper | 3 comments Eric Cooper
C. Black
Book Review On Independent Novel: godless - Pete Hautman
This fiction novel is about a few teenagers. The first two being introduced are Jason (main character) and his best friend Shin (Schinner). The story explains the characters and how they look throughout the book, Jason being a big guy, Shin being a little skinny dude. Shin is very interested in snails (Gastropods) and collects them, he likes to think of himself as a god of snails. They go on a quest to search for more gastropods at a water tower, when they arrive there they run into a boy named Henry Stag and his fellow followers. All of which seem to be mischievous in a way, shortly after Jay-boy(name given by Henry) had explained his thoughts to Shin, stating that, water is a main source to everything and everything and everyone on earth relies on the water deeply for survival, also that the most tallest structure in most towns are water towers, then comes the idea of “worshipping a water tower”. They called themselves “Chutengodians” and three other characters get introduced into the story shortly after. After having a few meetings the new Chutengodians decide to have a Masses on Tuesdays, or Wednesdays if you prefer, at 12 AM. The very first Mass turns into a terrible crisis, as the Chutengodians follow Henry into the water tower, and nearly drown. I forgot to mention that Shin gets deeply involved with the water tower and starts to write entries in a sort of mimic way of the Holy Bible, but he repeatedly fails to prove himself to the Chutengodians. The result ends in tragedy as Henry nearly dies for his actions against the Demi-god, The Ten-Legged One. This is not the end of the book, more like the rising action before the dead end.

I think this book is pretty hilarious, the characters face two life threatening encounters throughout the book. I think I could relate to Henry in sort of a way I grew up. He's considered unpredictable through the stuff he does outside of his home, and inside his home he's very calm and chill. If I were to change the a part of the story, I would add initiative to a part when he gets the idea to run away to ‘serve’ another Demi-God, such as The Five-Legged One… and actually does it.
I preferably think that a youth in grades 5-8 would enjoy this book, or at least some who take interest into those who’ve tried to worship material objects.

This book relates to reconciliation through the characters and how they get together and make choices about ‘the ten-legged one’. They fail to do some of the stuff assigned by the leaders in the group, but I think that’s because they allowed negative people inside their “new religion”.

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Adrayn | 1 comments Adrayn Pangowish
Ms. Black
March 24, 2016

The book Stay is a fiction novel by Deb Caletti. The main characters are your average teenagers, Clara Oates and Christian Nilsson. The day Clara meets Christian was at a basketball game. Soon then Christian and Clara become a couple. It was everything she’s ever wanted. Until she realizes how obsessive he’s become. Christian starts stalking Clara, so Clara’s dad gets worried and takes her and himself away to a town called Bishop Rock without telling anyone where they have gone. Clara and her father meet new people while there and they all help both of them to not worry about what has happened back home. Little do they know, Christian finds out where they are and makes his way down to Bishop Rock.
I’ve never read anything from the author Deb Caletti and this book is one of my favourite books I’ve read so far. My favourite character in this book would have to be Finn. I like how he helped Clara with forgetting about Christian and keeping her calm with a lot of things. He was a good guy and I liked the way he treated Clara. He was really nice and super adorable, which was refreshing after reading about the relationship Clara had with Christian. My favourite part of the book would have to be reading about Clara and her relationship with her father. These two were very close with each other and were always joking around. Their responses were mostly smart answers and would always build off of it. They were friends but it was still clear it was a father/daughter relationship. I could relate to this relationship with my dad very perfectly. I get along with him so well. My least favourite part of the book would have to be when Christian went to Clara’s house in Bishop Rock when she was home alone and she ended up running away from him and went to the lighthouse to find her dad but Christian found her and she ended up on the beach, got into a rowboat and went off into the scary wavy water. This part was so scary for me. I found myself right into the book, everything got so emotional. I became worried of what might happen to her. I was mad because Christian should have just left Clara alone.
I do think this story does tie into the theme of starting over because once reading about the abusive, stalkerish, obsessive relationship between Clara and Christian. Clara moves and she meets new people including a boy named Finn, and he helps her forget about things with Christian. Everything goes so great between them. The move was also great for Clara and her father because once they got away from the drama and started over. They got the chance to just settle in and breathe.

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Adrian Trudeau | 3 comments Austin wrote: "The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) by Maggie StiefvaterMaggie Stiefvater

Austin Pangowish’s Book Review to: The Raven Boys

You wrote a really great book review it sounds really interesting you put in some good detail about the book and that hooked me into wanting to read it. I really liked how you connected the book with reconciliation and how you mentioned as starting over and in this whole project with #craftreconciliation I see it as first nations being able to start over and move on from our past but not forgetting our history but look at it as it made us for how strong we truly are because we are still here. Great book review.

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Adrian Trudeau | 3 comments Keeper'n Me

The two characters I have choose is Garnet Raven and Jackie Raven because they are 2 brothers who never really got along in the beginning of the book. Garnet found that Jackie always had something against him and that he never liked him. He found out that Jackie always had inner anger that he have never let out ever since they were kids. It all started when they have been taken away and lived on a farm and Garnet was taken away 3 weeks later and Jackie still holds that anger inside of him so he always seems like the hardest one close to him. Garnet talked to a elder they call Keeper and that is when he found out about his history. Keeper told him everything about Jackie and told Garnet that he is like a bear `` Gotta lotta bear in him, so I guess you have to use a little of the bear to get his attention back.`` What Keeper means is that you have to play a game he is good at and compete with him, so Garnet watched him play hockey and he laced up his skates and went to skate around with him and they would chirp each other over and over. It was like two bears battling it out for territory and that is how they played hockey just a rough two on two game. The relationship after this game of hockey really put the two of them together Jackie accepted Garnet and he bear hugged him down on the ice and they connected at that time after a game of hockey. Garnet and Jackie now opened up and from them they bond a lot better and Garnet now feels like Jackie likes him more and knows more about him.

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Cole Dragsol | 1 comments Austin wrote: "The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) by Maggie StiefvaterMaggie Stiefvater

Austin Pangowish’s Book Review to: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater is a part paranormal/fantasy, part myt..."

I enjoy reading your book review Austin, it sound like really good books to read. I like that you wrote down the type of genre, the characters names, and what I like is that you have wrote down of how to pronounce Noah's last name. There was some things that I can say that there were an error on the third paragraph, "Overall, when it came down to it and when it came down to who the character realler underneath," I don't know if you have a reason for typing down "when it came down to" twice, but overall I did enjoy reading your review and probably I'll read "The Raven Boys" by Maggie Stiefvater in the Summer

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Julie Balen | 12 comments The Scorpio Races

message 16: by Evangelista (new)

Evangelista Naokwegjijg | 1 comments In Search of April RaintreeBeatrice Culleton

In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier is a fictional novel that follows the story of two Metis sisters who are taken from their alcoholic parents by social services, separated, and move around to different foster homes as they grow up. Alcoholism and its devastating effects are a constant theme in this story. The story is told through April, who from a young age, took on the role of caring for and protecting her younger sister, Cheryl. Despite her childhood experiences and suffering from the injustices in the social service system, she was able to keep strong and make it through. Cheryl, who is only eighteen months younger than April, was the kind of person that was able to make the people around smile and laugh, had all the confidence in the world and stood up for the things she believed in.

Throughout the story, April as at a constant battle with accepting her Metis heritage. From her own experience as a child with her parents and alcoholism and then as an adult, seeing first hand the conditions in which her people allowed themselves to live in, she believes the Metis people are a lost cause and tries to dissociate herself from her true identity. Cheryl on the other hand, is a proud Metis and took a great interest in the history of her people. While growing up she wrote papers and read many books about the history of her people and she dedicated most of her time helping others at her local friendship center, making a difference in lives of others. Because they had completely different views on the Metis people, it created conflicts between them, but at the same time brought them closer.

This story gives you a realistic perspective on what it was like to be a Metis woman living in the late 1900’s. Not only do you have April’s perspective, someone who hides her Metis heritage, you get a lot of insight to Cheryl’s life and why she embraces being Metis. Many of the problems Metis people faced and are still facing today are explored, such as injustices in the social service system, alcoholism, rape, and coming to terms with your true identity.

There are many times in the story when April and Cheryl started over. Each time they moved to a new foster home they started over with building relationships between their new family members and making new friends at school. April’s marriage, and eventual divorce, and her acceptance of who she is and her pride in being Metic is also her starting over.

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Kira Evelynn | 1 comments Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is a fictional book, yet it’s based on a lively and relatable scenery and plot. The main character is a young adult named Cath. Cath and her twin sister, Wren, are both fans of the hit Simon Snow series, for Wren it was mainly when they were kids; it’s what got them through their mother leaving. For Cath the fandom never ended, as she grew she started writing fanfiction about the series. They are both going to college, Wren told Cath she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath is on her own, completely outside of her comfort zone. Through her first year of college Cath meets a lot of different people; her surly roommate (Reegan) and her charming, always-around “boyfriend”, a fiction-writing professor who doesn’t believe in Fanfiction writing, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words. While meeting all these people she can’t help but worry about her father who is loving and fragile, and doesn’t do to well being on his own. For Cath she is questioning this whole College experience, wondering if college is for her, and only has one question for herself; Can she make it on her own in life, and within this question she has to question if she even wants to move on with her life, especially if moving on means leaving Simon Snow behind.

The book Fangirl was captivating, it made you feel what the main character would have felt, whether it be hurt, happy, sad, etc. The main character faced a lot of problems within herself. She didn't want to deal with living on her own, facing the reality that she might be crazy, her new roommate, boys, etc. She couldn't handle doing all of it on her own, she thought she needed her twin sister Wren for all of it, but eventually she started to learn that she didn't need her sister, she just needed to open herself to new things and new beginnings. Wren is my favorite character, I feel i can relate to her, I know how it feels to be scared of the things she was scared of, and I have a feeling I'm going to be the same way she is first starting college. My favourite part of the book is when Cath finally ended up with Levi. I need not tell more, I will spare the spoilers on what I am talking about. I would change the ending of the book, it left me with too many unanswered questions, but I don't know if she is writing or has already written a sequel to this book, if so I would be very pleased to read it. I personally think that this book is for more teenage girls, maybe a boy.

This book can tie in with Reconciliation because of the way that Cath and Wren lost each other in the book. The way Cath and Levi made up. Even sorta how Wren and their mother Laura come together, not fully, but just a bit. It all had to do with Reconciliation. They all had to come together it showed the restoration of friendly relations between each other.

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Isaiah Peltier | 4 comments Caught In The Act


Harlan Coben

Caught by Harlan Coben is a mystery and suspense novel that has a lot of plot twists and investigation. The story is about a 17 year-old high school girl named Haley McWaid, who’s from New Jersey, also the captain of the lacrosse team, and has plans for college in the fall has been missing for quite a long time. The story is about, Haley McWaid, a college-bound, 17 year-old New Jersey high school lacrosse team captain girl who has been missing for quite a long time.

Haley’s parents, Marcia and Ted McWaid who are obviously very concerned about their daughter’s absence took the problem in court. Wendy Tynes, a reporter for the show Caught In The Act to solves mysteries around the country. Dan Mercer, another protagonist in the novel who is facing his own personal problems and with being involved with Haley McWaid being missing.

There’s a lot of suspicion in the novel and gives you a second thought on all the characters: two parents who won’t say much about their daughter’s absence, a man who has a dark past, a drug addict with a criminal record on murder, and some conclusions that Haley ran away.

The cover of the book and title caught my attention, The design and boldness reminded me of something you’d see in a thriller movie, which gave me the urge to read it. The novel was more of mystery and drama, though I really enjoyed reading it. Almost every chapter has plot twists like when Dan told Wendy he was being “set up” for kidnapping Haley which makes a big turn on Dan‘s reputation.

Sometimes in the novel, you could just picture all the characters having flashbacks on Haley and the day she went missing, Harlan Coben gives you a lot of description about the characters and setting which is what I love about his book. If you’re a reader that enjoys drama, investigation and plot twists, I recommend to give this book a shot.

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Seneca Manitowabi | 1 comments You wrote a really great book review, you put a lot of evidence from the text and were able to put in a lot of detail making the book sound interesting as it sounds. With your depth of detail in your review, it made me want to read the book. I also read a book from Harlan Coben and I really loved the drama, mystery, and the sudden twists and turns that the book had. So I feel like I really would enjoy reading this book as well. I feel like in a way this can connect to many of the sudden disappearances with young children all over the world. The crazy part is that their own family members kid nap them to frame somebody like in the Netflix show "Making a Murderer". I wonder if that's what Haley's parents are doing to Dan?? Great book review.

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Isaiah Peltier | 4 comments Kira wrote: "Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is a fictional book, yet it’s based on a lively and relatable scenery and plot. The main character is a young adult named Cath. Cath and her twin sister, Wren, are both fa..."

I really enjoyed reading your book review, Kira. You talked about an interesting novel about growing up and adulthood, I think I might consider reading this book myself. I also really liked when you expressed and connected with the book with real life and reconciliation. Great Expression!. I find it that the novel is something everyone could connect to when they go off to college. again, Great Review!!!.

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Isaiah Peltier | 4 comments Evangelista wrote: "In Search of April RaintreeBeatrice Culleton

In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier is a fictional novel that follows the story of two Met..."

Amazing book review Evangelista! I would consider reading this book myself because of the interesting plot. You wrote your book review with very high detail and I really enjoyed how you connected the book to real life and real events that have occurred in our heritage. I really liked the happy ending when the main character accepted herself because of her culture. Happy ending.

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