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Best YA Book Blogs, How To Find Announcements/News?

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Avery Hey guys! I've just been wanting some YA (teen) Book Blogs/review sites to read through. YouTube channels work great too! I also have no idea how to stay on top of announcements of new books, release dates, etc. and I would love to know how you guys do it. Thanks so much!!

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Anita I find following the publishing houses on twitter works well for me. Also if you go to the publisher's websites, they very often have email newsletters you can sign up for. I haven't looked for youtube or blogs but they may be on the websites, too.


That's my book blog, if you want to read it. It is basically a summary and review of the first book in a series. (to avoid series spoilers). It is good if you want to find a new book series to read, because there aren't really any spoilers. :) Leave a comment if you look at it! :)
Happy Reading!

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Meika I honestly think its quite over-rated and I didn't like it that much, i feel like its only liked because someone died and it made teenage girls cry.

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