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message 1: by Marc (last edited Apr 30, 2014 02:20PM) (new)

Marc Estes | 36 comments Hi Everyone, I found this really cheap site to promote your ebooks. If you want to check it out, here is the link. This is not just for "Free" ebooks. You can sell them too!!!

Good Luck,


message 2: by Marc (new)

Marc Estes | 36 comments Hey everyone, just a heads up. I found this site called They did a feature on my book and literally overnight my sales spiked on amazon big time. It is really inexpensive (most expensive plan they have is $20.) Just a suggestion.

message 3: by Elaine, VampPrincess Mod (new)

Elaine White | 202 comments Mod
Thanks Marc, this is great. :) Thanks for letting us know.

message 4: by Marc (new)

Marc Estes | 36 comments Sure. I hope it helps other people.

message 5: by Peter (new)

Peter Mulraney | 3 comments Thanks Marc, I'll give this one a go.

message 6: by Marc (new)

Marc Estes | 36 comments Peter (or anyone else) I also found another site that promotes your book through reviews. It only costs like 15.00 for membership (1 time) and they ask that you do 4 reviews a year for other member books. In return they will review, and list your book so that others will buy your book as one of their 4 reviews. If you go please tell them Marc Estes referred you as they have incentives for referrals too. The site is http://ravereviewsbynonniejules.wordp...

good luck


message 7: by Marc (new)

Marc Estes | 36 comments great. I hope it works out for you. I am happy to help when imfind new sites.

message 8: by Josh (new)

Josh Mitchell (wickid_pissa) | 2 comments Looks great. Sharing is caring.

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