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message 1: by Emily (last edited Mar 03, 2016 01:53PM) (new)

Emily (emilyesears) | 170 comments I own a copy of Lazy B: Growing Up on a Cattle Ranch in the American Southwest and my copy has 318 pages, so I want to use that in my Reading Challenge to get an accurate page count. But the edition with 318 pages on Goodreads (ISBN 9780756767495) has no cover, even though its cover is the same as the edition with 336 pages (ISBN 9780812966732). Can a cover be added to the edition with 318 pages please?

EDIT: Here is the link to the cover of my copy on Amazon:

I wasn't sure if the amazon link was needed since the cover's already been uploaded to other editions of the book, but figured I'd leave it anyway.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19985 comments We can't take the paperback cover from Amazon for isbn 9780812966732 and add it to the hardcover with isbn 9780756767495.

Both Amazon and the publisher don't have a cover for the hardcover edition.

The page count for the paperback was incorrect. Worldcat has 318 pages for isbn 9780812966732. I have corrected the page count for the paperback.

If you have the hardcover yourself, you can make a scan/photo of the cover that can be added to the hardcover edition.
Or you can switch to the paperback edition, now the page count is corrected.

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyesears) | 170 comments Oh thank you!! I switched to the paperback. Yea!

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