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Alexandra Anderson | 2 comments The book is I believe YA Science Fiction. There is a community of trees and then a communit of humans. Scientists, Church, large family where I think dad is abusive. Then a guy comes to the community to figure out communication with tree people and he has this ear piece that talks to him because it's a girl within the computer wires. The families brother or first father went over to the tree community and died so the family doesn't want to help the new guy but he convinces certain members to help him. I also think when they go into space they don't age. Please help me figure this book out, I'm going crazy thinking I've made it all up lol but I'm not that creative and I picture parts of book in my head but not character names of title!!!

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Justanotherbiblophile | 1709 comments Perhaps you're thinking of the 3rd book in the Enderverse; Xenocide?

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Alexandra Anderson | 2 comments Yes!!! Thank you!!!

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