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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments Welcome! I'm so glad you could join me here at the 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention! If you enjoy reads that take your mind and emotions on an adventure, this is the place to be! I'm an author that writes in multiple genres, so as long as you enjoy compelling characters, unexpected plot twists, and settings that take you to a completely new world, then there's bound to be a book for you. :)

Below are the books that I currently have for publication in both paperback (Amazon) and ebook (Kindle) form! You can click here to go to my Amazon/Kindle author page or click here to go to my website.

description description description description

Thank you for your interest! Please stick around and check the posts below for book information, news, exciting announcements, and goodies, and feel free to ask any questions! I'd be happy to answer them. It is a pleasure to meet you and make sure you check out the rest of the booths here at the convention! Enjoy! :)

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments THE RIPPLE AFFAIR SERIES

The Ripple Affair Series is a high fantasy romance series about a young prince who betrays his fiancée and the effects it has on his life and the lives of the people around him.

*Please note that this series is recommended for readers ages 18+ and is not recommended for younger readers.*

The Ripple Affair
The Ripple Affair (The Ripple Affair #1) by Erin Cruey
For a reading sample or to purchase, click here.

Reign of Change
Reign of Change (The Ripple Affair #2) by Erin Cruey
For a reading sample or to purchase, click here.

When Dreams Break
When Dreams Break The Ripple Affair Series - Book Three by Erin Cruey
For a reading sample or to purchase, click here .

Heart of Deceit
Book 4, "Heart of Deceit", will be available SPRING 2016.

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN PATTY

"The Adventures of Captain Patty" is a middle-grade pirate adventure series that even grown-ups can enjoy! Set in the mid-18th century, this series follows a little girl and her naval officer father who meet the most unusual pirate of the seven seas - Captain Patty, a pirate who is honorable, obsessed with eating chocolate, and wanted by other pirates!

Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator
Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator (The Adventures of Captain Patty #1) by Erin Cruey
For a reading sample or to purchase, click here.

Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer
Book 2, "Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer", will available SUMMER 2016.

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments SOCIAL MEDIA AND GENERAL INFORMATION

If you're looking for general information about who I am and what I write, or would just like to check out my blog rambles, here are some helpful links to check out:

1)Author Website:
2)Amazon Author Page:
3)Goodreads Author Page:

I'm also available on social media, so feel free to stop in and say hello!

Twitter: @erincruey.

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments GIVEAWAYS AND GOODIES

Goodreads Giveaways

Erin is giving away 3 signed copies each of "The Ripple Affair", "Reign of Change", and "Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator" via Goodreads Giveaways. Enter for a chance to win today! Giveaway entry dates are April 1-10.

To enter the giveaway for "The Ripple Affair", click here.
To enter the giveaway for "Reign of Change", click here.
To enter the giveaway for "Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator", click here.

Kindle Countdown Deals

Like to read via eBook? Erin is cutting the price of her first books in "The Ripple Affair" Series and "The Adventures of Captain Patty" Series from April 6-13! The price will go down to $0.99.

To go to the Kindle page on Amazon to check out and/or download the eBook, click on the links below!

Captain Patty and the Nameless Navigator
The Ripple Affair

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments SPECIAL EVENTS

Story Hop
Erin is participating in a Story Hop and has written a short story for her readers to enjoy. To check out the Story Hop, click here. To check out her short story about her book characters gathering at a cafeteria to chat about what it's like being a book character, click here.

Panel Discussions
Erin will be participating in the following discussions! Click on the links for more information or to participate!

Friday, April 8, 1:00 PM EST: Romance Discussion Panel
Saturday, April 9, 1:00 PM EST: World Building Discussion Panel
Saturday, April 9, 3:00 PM EST: The Heroine's Journey Discussion Panel

Panel discussions will be on Google+ and YouTube.

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Describe your favorite scene in your your book and tell us why it's your favorite.

I think my favorite scene out of my books comes from Book Two of "The Ripple Affair" Series entitled "Reign of Change". In a scene towards the middle of the book, (view spoiler) For me, this was a scene that really brought a lot of hope to Edward's story, and I think it was his biggest jump in character development. I literally cried when I wrote it, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most (or) who is your favorite character and why?

I think my favorite character is Bernie from "The Ripple Affair" Series. She's spunky, speaks her mind, and is not your typical princess. I also love that she's a prankster who has no problem causing trouble in a comical way. (view spoiler)
I also think her struggle with alopecia (something that I have also been diagnosed with) is something that is rarely talked about in literature. We often hear of the "pretty princess" who has perfect features, but what about the princess who maybe doesn't feel perfect because of something she perceives as a flaw? It was difficult, yet therapeutic, writing about my own hair loss through Bernie. She's struggled with what many others have, too - insecurity, questions of whether she can still be perceived as "beautiful" even though others say she isn't, trying to find love when she wonders if she's good enough. She's a very human character, one I learn about myself through writing, and out of all the characters I have, I'm the most excited for her story. It's really neat what's in store for her.

“Story” has always been the center of all human cultures. We need it. We seek it out. When we lack it, we invent it. What does “story” mean to you?

Story has always been a way of life for me. Maybe it's because I've always been the type of person who daydreams all the time, but it's literally part of who I am. I learn through story. I am entertained through story. I grow through story. Story is one of those things that has helped me learn about myself and others and how to live in this world. It makes me laugh, cry, think, and learn, plus it's great to have on a rainy day when you're bored. :)

What story has recently inspired/moved you?

I was flipping through the channels the other evening and came across "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". It had been a while since I'd seen the movie, and I was reminded just how much I love Tolkien's universe he created. Honestly, if I could live in Middle Earth, I would. And the way he brought it to life in the books (and how Peter Jackson brought it to the big screen), I felt as if I was right there with the fellowship. Following Frodo and company on their journey really reminded me of the importance of friendship and how we can persevere through struggle and come out stronger.

Characters begin with their strengths and weaknesses. Many authors reflect their own strengths and weaknesses in their characters. What are some strengths and weaknesses that you relate to, and how have these traits influenced your characters?

As said before, I've put my own struggles with alopecia into my character, Bernie. However, I've also added so much of myself into the character of Emmerich from "The Ripple Affair" Series. He's a very emotional person deep down inside, and he's prone to question why things happen the way they do. That is often something that I do myself, though it's often frustrating when the answer doesn't come right away, ha ha! As for a strength, I wanted to add the bond between my mother and I (she raised me alone after my parents' divorce when I was a baby), so I wrote about it in my characters from "The Adventures of Captain Patty". I really wanted to capture the dynamic of just how strong and loyal the relationship between a single parent and child could be, and I was so thankful to have the opportunity to write Charles and Samantha's (view spoiler) story as a thank-you to my own mom. (I'm sure you're reading this, so I love you, Mom!) :)

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments Previews of Upcoming Works

Though many of you like to remain spoiler-free when it comes to stories, I also understand that some of you are like me and like to be a little spoiled about what's to come! Click on the spoiler links to reveal some previews about the new releases to "The Ripple Affair" Series and "The Adventures of Captain Patty"!

The Adventures of Captain Patty: Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer Spoilers
(view spoiler)

The Ripple Affair Series: Heart of Deceit Spoilers
(view spoiler)

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Erin (erincruey) | 21 comments World Premiere of the new cover for "Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer"!

Excited about the upcoming sequel to Captain Patty? Check out the premiere of the cover and description below!


It started off as a simple harbor patrol until a ghost named the Boston Buccaneer attacked Charles Wellington’s ship.

Mysterious. Silent. Covered in rags and the night. Though the Boston Buccaneer was once a name to be feared in the early years of American piracy, his name had been forgotten…until now.

Eager to learn more about the buccaneer’s growing threat, Charles sends for Captain Patty to return to Boston early in hopes that she may help him learn the truth of who the buccaneer is. Is he a ghost? A man? A trick? Or is he connected to Rudiger Bartleby, an enemy whose name is starting to be whispered once more?

Captain Patty and crew face their biggest challenge yet, but will the truth of the buccaneer’s mission change Patty’s future with the Royal Navy? Or will it lead to an even bigger adventure, one that will affect everyone on board?

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