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Fandemic (Bigtime, #5)
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annapi | 4865 comments I don't know why I keep reading Estep, she long ago descended into a pit of cheesy corn. It's just that she started out so well, but she's kept her series going long past their sell-by date. The last Bigtime story, Nightingale, was terrible. Her Spider series (which started out ok the first few books) is now even worse. I hesitated to read this, but since it was so short (190 pages), I figured I could put up with some mindless entertainment.

Make no mistake, this is mindless - and if you're in the mood for that, it will read ok. I skimmed a good deal of it, as I just wanted to find out how it ends. It was marginally better than the previous story, so I rated this 2.5 - but I can't bring myself to round up to 3, which might imply that I liked it. Briefly, it's the story of Piper, the ultimate superhero fan, who knows so much about Bigtime's superheroes and ubervillains that she knows all their secret identities. She is trying to win back her boyfriend, Kyle Quicke, aka the superhero Swifte. He broke up with her when she told him she had discovered his alter ego. When an ubervillain who steals superheroes' powers kidnaps Swifte while all other superheroes are busy with a major crisis, Piper sets out to rescue him herself. Naturally they all live happily ever after, that's no spoiler.

If you like cheesy corn, this one is right up your alley. Really the writing is only fit for middle schoolers, if you don't mind them being introduced to some mild sex. I could have done without the sex scene in the end, it just seemed so out of place in this campy saccharine romance, but at least it wasn't gag-inducing. That pretty much sums up my opinion of the whole book.

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 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 1913 comments I've never read this author but your review is hilarious.

annapi | 4865 comments Thanks, glad you liked it. You made me decide to put the review on Amazon. :)

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