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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
Here is a place to discuss anything Celtic-flavoured at all. For instance if you were a fan, as I am, of Ireland's Chris DeBurgh and Enya and Scotland's Shirley Manson of the group Garbage; we could chat about them here. :) I have seen two of these people in concert by the way, Chris DeBurgh as recently as October 2015! Sensational.

If you have been to Ireland, Wales, or Scotland we could reminisce together or enthuse about upcoming trips. Anything you like at all.

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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
The subject that has gotten me to open a topic here in our group is something I noticed on the Oscar awards show. I seldom watch. The sad, dreary films that tend to win are no more what I watch than what I would care to read. I understand the dismal emotionals involved are worth awarding but the fun or fantastical films that really spark people's imaginations in a happier way, like the upcoming "Ghostbusters III" for instance; these don't get on the bill. I did watch this time because Ron had it on.

I was pleased and excited for the lovely woman JENNY BEAVAN, winning her second Oscar 30 years apart, as best costume designer of the year. She was responsible for the "Mad Max: Fury Road" costumes. Dysopia isn't my sort of thing but I applaud her. I see there are articles about disapproving of her casual outfit but that isn't what I am speaking of. Her acceptance was nice, at reasonable length, and then in closing she very briefly and respectfully added: "I think we should consider "Mad Max" prophetic because what it depicts could happen. We need to take care of our world to make sure that doesn't ever happen". Has anyone else clued into the observation I am making? There was a remark that led me to believe she was Scottish but she is shown to be English. No matter. That coast is close enough to the Celts.

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
What was rude and appalling is that the instant JENNY BEAVAN politely, briefly said she had one thing to add and was clearly closing an already reasonable acceptance speech: the Academy awards personnel blared music. Goodness, she wasn't saying anything convtraversial and she only proceeded for one more very polite and important sentence! There was no soapbox, it wasn't about politics, it is the nicest, gentlest cautionary remark about the environment I have ever seen. If only everyone were so brief and calm about the subject.

One thing came about that I found even more appalling than that rude, unnenecessary music censorship attempt. Thankfully I did hear JENNY BEAVAN and hope everyone else did too. Everyone that is, except Joy Behar of "The View", who remarked yesterday "Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one who said anything of substance". I could have slapped Joy Behar, the same woman who snubbed nurses for representing themselves with stethescopes, only to find this is indeed part of their equipment.

What I found more appalling is that when Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar and made his acceptance speech, it was a long one that wasn't curtailed at all. Further to that, he launched into climate change cautions and warnings, a subject I consider worthwhile and important but that isn't my point. What I observed is that he ranted on less gently than JENNY BEAVAN and at far greater length and possibly made the point less well than she did. But the Academy did not interrupt Leonardo DiCaprio by blaring music! Why not? Because he is a larger celebrity? Or was the music blarer too touchy early in the night and more lax when the show was nearly ending? This was appalling and Joy Behar is obviously one who missed the costume designer's well-meaning message, who said it first. Simply: The world of "Mad Max" has the capacity for being prophetic, so let's take care of our world. I for one, applaud this two-time award-winning Scotswoman.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 230 comments C. wrote: "Here is a place to discuss anything Celtic-flavoured at all. For instance if you were a fan, as I am, of Ireland's Chris DeBurgh and Enya and Scotland's Shirley Manson of the group Garbage; we coul..."

I like Celtic music although am newer at it.

I always loved Garbage, good band. Enya has a beautiful voice. My dear friend who passed away let me know about her. I didn't about Chris DeBurgh, he has a gorgeous voice.

I love the Celtic albums and music by Adrian von Ziegler, he has some beautiful pieces. Also Mychael & Jeff Danna, like their album 'A Celtic Romance'

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
Chris DeBurgh is very famous from way back. most popularly for "The Lady In Red" world hit ballad but that is not at all like what he usually writes. He can be folk, rock, adult contemporary, romance, but most especially his songs brought him the title: "Storyteller". It is awesome stuff, especially the song and album "Spanish Train" from 1975. God battles the devil for souls by playing poker and then a game of chess. ;-)

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
As the creator of Celtic Coasts and someone who has Patricks in the family: I must wish all of you HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! I wear green on this day, play Celtic music, and exchange a card or gift with my Mom. Dad enjoys treats too even though he is not Irish. This year we gave them the gift of.... potatoes! We have a lot on hand from last year; it only happens to be thematic. :)

Today is a lucky day for Irish so let's use it well!

message 7: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Happy Saint Paddy's Day Carolyn, even if I am a bit late. I am not Irish or of Irish descent but I always wear green today as well. That is quite common here in the Boston area.

I hope that you had your good luck :)

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 952 comments Mod
It was a good day, especially given that I didn't go anywhere to do anything. I had a couple of e-mails I was anticipating with positive answers I hoped. A book I really want is on sale at If a second one I want most goes on sale too, I'll get them new instead of used. Excitement for me! :)

I didn't take pictures of the kitties because you don't know how long they stay still in a group so I just enjoyed a cute moment. I put St. Patrick's day hats on four of them, having four hats. They were loose and fell so that they hung at each kitty's chest. When sitting tall they looked so cute and dignified with green caps at their breasts! Had a nice phone call with Mom. A day of special little moments. When Ron got home we had Irish cookies together and ice cream coated in Irish cream liquor.

The landscape is beautiful. It suddenly snowed March 16 and has a heavily frosted look everywhere. I did take photographs of our property like this! I am glad you participate in St. Patrick's day too. Living near Boston, wow: you sure would! Am I stuck thinking of "Cheers" or are they really famous for having many English-style pubs?

message 9: by Leslie (new)

Leslie The kitties with hats sound adorable Carolyn! We had a few inches of snow yesterday but it has mostly melted away by now.

I don't know much about the pubs/bars in the city; my bar-hopping days are long in the past now! The "Cheers" bar still exists -- in fact, they changed their name from the Bull & Finch Pub to Cheers!

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