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Francesca (eufrosine85) | 69 comments This is my choise for week 20 "A book with a first name in the title".

I just finished to read the novel. It is probably the most difficult novel I ever read. I read it in English and I found it very difficult to understand, sometimes I had to read some very long sentences 3 times before understanding the meaning! Virginia Woolf chose the stream-of-consciousness-style narrative to provide an insight into the lives her characters. The book digresses between reality, flashbacks, thoughts and imaginary visions. These features make the novel outstanding but at the same time very hard to read (this explains my "3 stars").

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Aglaea | 375 comments Thanks for the heads up! I'm reading this for week 49. A book with a great opening line. It has received lots of positive reviews, too, which makes me think it might be a case of personal preference in terms of writing style.

Blake Jansen | 3 comments Finished this book the other day. I enjoyed it very much. I think I prefer this one over her other title "To the Lighthouse".

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 1306 comments I am listening to this for the Gilmore Girl Challenge.

It is difficult to figure out who is speaking at times. I am not sure if this is because I am listening to it or not. The stream of consciousness writing style is confusing at times. While the descriptions of the characters feelings and surroundings are very well done I am really not sure if I like this book.

Jody (jodybell) | 3472 comments I'm reading this for 2017, Week 44 (A recommendation from "What Should I Read Next"). I'd already planned on reading it, after recently reading The Hours and absolutely adoring it, so was thrilled when I popped it in the search bar and up came Mrs. Dalloway!

That said, I'm not entirely sure I'm going to love it. Katie's comment about style over substance bothers me a little - while I do love beautiful writing, I don't tend to enjoy books where that takes complete priority over characterisation and (to a lesser degree) story. I mostly worry, as I've read Orlando and while the writing was beautiful, I didn't care for either the story or the characters. Hoping this is better!

Now I think I've almost bloody talked myself out of this.

Matthias Stephan | 162 comments A classic of English literature, and a thorough pleasure to read. It is true, one has to appreciate the stream-of-consciousness style she utilizes, but her insight into the mindset of her characters, the oblique references to society, the war, colonialism, all while couched in the mundane concerns of the London socialite class is rather brilliant. So complex, yet so lovely to read.

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