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Name: Lydia
Nickname: Ly
Middle name: Marie
Last name: Dream
Species: Guardian Angel
Age: Looks 16 but is really 103
Abilities: Can go into peoples minds and see there nightmares, dreams, etc. And can read peoples minds.
Appearance Before:


Personality: Lydia is a smart girl. She know what others like and how to get into their skin. She can really bug them at times with that. She is also sweet. She can get on even the meanest of people's good side. At times it can really hurt her because people say that it is an evil gift. She is also quite sensitive. One wrong thing could have a dam burst, or cause a tornado.

Strengths: Helping people, and keeping secrets.

Weaknesses: Low self-confidence, sensitivity, and people problems.

Likes: Making people smile, helping others, the color blue, etc

Dislikes: Barely anything.

History: Since she was little Lydia helped everything. She cared for everything. She found helping others good because those she needed to help her were not there for her. She watches everyone and keeps people safe.

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First Name: Yukiko
Nickname: Yu, Yuko, Yukki, Kiki, Koko
Middle Name: None
Last Name: Mitsee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost

Scars- She has scars all over her neck, back, and legs.

- Emotionally dead, has very little feeling towards people but has a very strong attachment to animals.
- Is very hard to get to know, but once you do she is very friendly
- Manipulative
- Very flirty, with little self respect
- Food
- Animals
- Strawberry lollipops
- People

History: Yukiko had a hard childhood. Her mom died when she was two, and her dad committed suicide when she was 7. She then was taken in with her uncle. He hated Yukiko. He told her that too. He would cut her up and she would scream for help but no one would come. She learned to deal with it though. She would lock herself in her room. One day she came home and her uncle was furious. He walked up to her and threw her against the wall. He continued to do it. She then hit the wall and broke her neck. She was then reborn as a ghost. She lived in the house until her uncle committed suicide out of pure idiocy.

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