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message 1: by Connor (new)

Connor LaChapelle (connorlc93) | 5 comments Hello All!

I am reaching in hopes of finding a few beta readers to dive into the second draft of my New Adult romance novel. The first round of beta reported having enjoyed the story, and many have requested to read again now that edits have been made. With that being said, I would still greatly appreciate some fresh eyes on the story! Below is a blurb from the first page of the story to allow you to gauge interest before reaching out. I am willing to send sample chapters or the entire story upon request. Please email or inbox if interested. Thank you for your time!


Opening Paragraph:

My father always told my brother and me to remember that Benson blood was American blood. Some respect my father as a true patriot. Others denounce him as a bigot. He testifies that the slopes of Arlington are nourished by my brother’s corpse, and that there is no ground more American that exists. If you were to meet my father, he would tell you that I am guilty of treason. He would say that I betrayed my brother, humiliated my nation, and spit in the face of our God. One glance into Soraya’s soft green eyes reminds me that I do not care about earthly forgiveness or eternal salvation.

message 2: by Marley (new)

Marley Magden | 1 comments The first few sentences are a little awkward to my eyes. But I love, absolutely love your last line. It definitely makes me want to read more. It creates intrigue and desire. I'm not an established beta, but I love to read and would be willing to read over your novel as a fresh set of eyes.

message 3: by Connor (new)

Connor LaChapelle (connorlc93) | 5 comments Thanks, Marley! What is your email? I would be happy to share the story with you.

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