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Word of the Year: February Look Back & March Look Ahead

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message 1: by bookSmith (new)

bookSmith | 16 comments Mod
Think about your Word of the Year.
Write a MEAL paragraph about:

How did you "live" the word in February? How did the word help you?
What can you do in March to focus on your word? How can the word help you have a successful March?

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Carlyle | 6 comments My word is absolved. I lived my word by staying out of trouble but still helping others. I can keep helping people but stopping at the point where i have to stop before it causes trouble.

message 3: by Gaylon (new)

Gaylon | 3 comments by ignoring people and being happy and smiling.

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Landry In February, I really put my word to use. I faced some hardships but instead of complaining, lashing out, or fighting about it, I took a couple breaths and calmed down and thought about my actions. I have stayed called through hardships at school, home and with sports. Although sometimes I stray from the meaning of my word, I have been working really hard about keeping myself in check by using my word Breathe.

message 5: by Shaniya (last edited Mar 03, 2016 09:24AM) (new)

Shaniya (shaniyajones) | 6 comments my word is confident... and i lived my word by being confident in my self through everything that i did in the month of February

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (ChickinHawk) | 6 comments In February I lived the word Reason. It helped, though mostly in dealing with my brother. It helped me to have a reason, a legitmate one, before getting mad at my brother. It has been the reason for fewer stupid arguments between us.

message 7: by Brayden (new)

Brayden Rose | 9 comments the word trying is good for me this month because in basketball i need to try

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 5 comments To focus on my word in March i can go to a restaurant or maybe to the beach or just to the library and watch people and how they react and behave when people are in different place. Also i can pay more attention to my friends and classmates. My word can help me have a successful March because soccer is starting up and i don't know many people on the team so my word can help me understand and get to know my teammates for soccer.

message 9: by Diamond (new)

Diamond Hawley (dayzoning2nd) | 6 comments My word of the year is communication. In the month of February I used communication to use by, legit communicating with people I needed to talk with. I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone to ask questions, and it made a difference in February. In the month of March I will continue to push myself so I can be alright with myself asking others questions.

message 10: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Shunkwiler (ashunk) | 6 comments In February, I have used and "lived" my word more than I thought. I have been more adventurous and open, and I am working on being bolder with what I believe in and how to talk with people. Although I could still do better with living out my word, I have definitely made progress from last year. I feel somewhat more confident. Now in March, I plan to use the word Bold word more and live it out in a more successful way.

message 11: by Flossy (new)

Flossy Marley | 7 comments So in February I know I did a good job but I want to do better in March. So how I 'lived' my word in February was that I wrote the word on my planner so almost everyday that I check to see if I have anything due on that particular day my word of the year was always there to remind my of my goals and that actually helped me I know that I don't always check my planner but I want to improve this month, March.How I would try to remember my word this month of March is to have an object or something that I could carry around with me to remember my word.

message 12: by Colby (new)

Colby Billings | 2 comments in February the word believe helped me do a lot of stuff it helped me believe in my self by keeping my grades ok and it helped me believe in others and encourage them.

message 13: by Dumisani (new)

Dumisani Soko | 3 comments My word is confident. It helped me through the month with Choir concert and Choral festival. It helped me be confident, through these events and do a better job and to think I can do anything as long as i am confident.

message 14: by Makenna (new)

Makenna stull (makennastull) | 4 comments my word of the year was organized.In February some examples that i lived the word, organized, is that i wrote more things in my planner so i could remember the homework more. I also went to my after school programs to get help more in my classes. this word helped me because i got better grades when i did then things i did before. My word for February was organized.

message 15: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Teeters (19teettr) | 6 comments If I lived the word seek in February, then that helped me be a better student because I sought to understand the information learned and being organized. I have demonstrated this skill in Algebra when I arranged meetings with Mr. Eichberg about Chapter !1, areas of weakness. As a result, I was able to do well on the chapter test because I understood the material and was able to study and practice the right processes. It also allowed me to do well on 2 section retakes. in March, I can continue on this path and seek help with prioritizing by using the resources that are available to me.

message 16: by Steven (new)

Steven Casey (scasey84) | 10 comments My word was effort. I lived out my word in February by putting effort into my work and paying attention during class. I also did homework during February. This will prove successful during March because I will continue to do my homework and pay attention during class. I will continue to turn in class work on time.

message 17: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Ruiz (JobiOneKenobi) | 5 comments My word was time, I "lived" it in February by managing my time everyday, making a scheduled of everything I needed to complete everyday and everything I wanted to do everyday. This helped me because it made it much easier to get all the necessary things done while still having time to do the activities I want to do. Setting up my time everyday really helped me it made my classes easier because I would do all my homework and then after that I would still have to do all the things I wanted to do such as hangout with my friends. This also lowered the stress gradually. Time is my word of the year and that is why I think it's key to manage your time everyday, it will most certainly help out.

message 18: by Adaline (new)

Adaline Griffiths | 6 comments My word was faithful. In February I lived out my word by seeking time with God everyday. Even if only for a few moments I would read my Bible. This helped me to focus on God all the time, and not just at church. In March I can live my word even more by focusing on prayer as well. I want to think of God constantly, and pray for help throughout the day, and not just at a set aside time. I think I can use both prayer and bible reading to live out faithfulness.

message 19: by Kobi (new)

Kobi My Word Of The Year Was "Success"Or "Succeed" I Lived Out My Word In February By Keep Up On Some Of My School Work And Not Slacking On Anything. I Would Do Things Such As Trying To Study For Test And Quizzes Or Ask My Teachers Questions If Needed.I Think If I Continue To Do Those Things I Would Succeed Or Be Successful Through Out My High school Years.

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