Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Evicted discussion


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Jennie Nice to hide behind "karma". Reality is a bit more complicated than that as are people's lives & circumstances. I would suggest you read this book, but based on your punctuation & spelling, this might prove to be a challenge to you. Broaden your horizons. And beware of karma: the people you mock & deride may be the ones who are taking care of you when you no longer are able. When they don't show up due to circumstances beyond their control, I'm sure you'll be quite understanding!

Jennie I've found most "Ivy League" graduates to be so caught up in their self importance & ivory towers that they are out of touch with main stream society. As for karma- well, I see you as you see them & I'm not alone in this. I pity you for your lack of humanity as you despise those you exploit.

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