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Science Fiction for 99c > FREE through March-Former Supervillain turned PI

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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt Abraham | 2 comments Free for KU members!!! 99 cents for everyone else!



message 2: by Hargitai (new)

Hargitai Fiuedu | 3 comments Action-packed & darkly humorous in the noir style. Makes traditional hard-boiled lingo seem like Eggo mush. Matt Abraham packs another uber-hard hitting gem in the genre, where the stiletto edges dig in and never let go. If you are bat-mad for quirkie PI thrillers like I am, this read will fill the need.

message 3: by Hargitai (new)

Hargitai Fiuedu | 3 comments One 99 cent answer to the New York Times Review of Books Classics party elites: "Traveler and the Moonlight." Read it, compare it to their sanctioned "Journey by Moonlight" and see for yourself which is the real classic.


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