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Word New Years Resolution

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message 1: by bookSmith (new)

bookSmith | 34 comments Mod
1. Google "word new years resolution."
2. Read one of the websites.
3. Post the link to the article you read
4. Post your Answer: What do you like about the article?
How can it encourage you as you focus on your word this month?

message 2: by Ebony (new)

Ebony Williams | 9 comments
I like that the article has a lot of information on the topic. It has videos, articles and words most people often choose. In the website are inside articles that talk about different topics.

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (MrPhantomFighter) | 10 comments
I like this article Because she states about yes society does this but you don't have to do it to fit in with other people you can be you. this can encourage me by looking on who I am and how I choose to live my life how I decide to play the game of life and find my path for this life I am in control of.

message 4: by Tresvon (last edited Mar 03, 2016 05:59AM) (new)

Tresvon W (SenpaiIchigo) | 6 comments Brandon wrote: "
I like this article Because she states about yes society does this but you don't have to do it to fit in with other people you can be you. this can e..."

The word of the is "They" Singular "They," the gender-neutral pronoun, has been named the Word of the Year by a crowd of over 200 linguists at the American Dialect Society's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on Friday evening.In a landslide vote, the language experts chose singular they over "thanks, Obama," ammosexual, "on fleek," and other contenders for this annual award given to the most significant term or word in the past year. {ALL OF THIS IS QUOTED}.

message 5: by Steven (new)

Steven Peterson (NotStevenpeterson) | 4 comments

So this article was basically about improving yourself and making life better for yourself.
It's a basic account of stuff you can do and that's about it.
I guess since it's really general in what you can do it really writes itself in what you can do and how it can encourage focus in your word of the month.

message 6: by Evan (new)

Evan Dowell (emanEvanD) | 8 comments

The article is okay, although I don't feel like I need to listen or read this website to understand and focus on my word of the year. It doesn't really encourage me, nothing really does (other than family), but it might for some other people.

message 7: by Justin L (new)

Justin L | 10 comments

This article is about helping people pick their word of the year. It is very simplistic but also gives many good words that one could choose from for their inspiration. It can encourage me because it gives many different words that I could take and apply to my everyday routine.

message 8: by Kyrah (new)

Kyrah Sanders (ksanders33) | 6 comments
I like how the Gretchen Rubin gives her word of the year and how she had certain habits that stopped her from focusing on her word. She gives information about her book "Better Than Before" which helps with changing bad habits, like the ones she had. This can encourage me because, If I have the same bad habits as her and I change them, maybe I can focus on my word more.

message 9: by Calvin (new)

Calvin W | 7 comments
I like that this website has some many words on it for to choose. So any one can come to this website and find the word that they are looking for. Also this can encourage me because it has resources that i can use to stay focused on my word.

message 10: by Lena (new)

Lena Wells | 9 comments
I think that this article is trying to find a word that fits into your life. One that isn't hard to do busy easy to to either. I also like this article because it gives you steps to pick one then to just pick one to just get done with it.

message 11: by Jalen (new)

Jalen Joseph (JalenJ) | 8 comments
I like this article because it will help you find a word that better fits you in life.There is one that would fit me and be better for gives alot of steps and helps alot with everything

message 12: by Noah (new)

Noah Melton | 11 comments

I like this article cause it reminds me of what my dad says, rome wasnt built in one night. You cant do everything all the time if you do that you will never finish, you have to focus on one thing at a time.

message 13: by Izayah (new)

Izayah Fisher | 3 comments

This article gave stories of other people one word for the new years and past new years. Life Stories and videos on making the most of one word.
This reminded me of my word, causing me to rethink my lifestyle of 2016. Am I living up to the expectations of my word. Somewhat.

message 14: by Jeniah (new)

Jeniah Palmer (Niah_) | 7 comments
I like this article because its tells you the information about the word that describes you, it has videos with it and others.. it encourage me to focus on my word for this year because idk.

message 15: by Chloe' (new)

Chloe' D | 13 comments
I liked this article to an extent. I found that I didn't need the video to understand what the purpose of this was. I did like, however, that the website had a blog where you could see what other people had posted. This encourages me to focus on my word of the year because I thrive most around people. It helps me with my goals to see other people doing the same thing. It was rewarding to get community responses as well.

message 16: by Nacona (new)

Nacona Carlson | 14 comments
I personally liked this site on account of it was very thorough and had a lot of videos on this subject. It also had a lot of encouraging things to focus on my subject. The blog about this was a good idea on account of you can post you own ideas and other people can see them and it may encourage you to do your own from seeing others ideas.

message 17: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Collins | 8 comments
I really like this article because it was clear and simple. I could relate to the author because she too is an introvert and she also picked a word that put her out of her comfort zone. That encouraged me to continue aspiring to reach my word goal for this year.

message 18: by Everett (new)

Everett (Yavic) | 9 comments

I like this article because it helps to brainstorm ideas on how to focus your word. It keeps your mind on track about the important parts of life.

message 20: by Elisha (last edited Mar 04, 2016 09:10AM) (new)

Elisha Hollis | 10 comments

I liked this article because it make this thing we're doing actually seem interesting. Also, it makes me think we're the only people doing it and it motivates me to do it.

message 21: by Sara (new)

Sara (ameya18) | 8 comments

What I liked about this article was that it walks you through the steps to choosing a word of the year and then continues by offering support to help you stick to your word. I think by subscribing to this site it would encourage me to live by my word and by seeing what other have done with their words I would be more motivated.

message 22: by Jasmine (last edited Mar 08, 2016 09:38AM) (new)

Jasmine Pitone (goodreadscomjasminepitone) | 11 comments
I enjoyed this article because I found Kj Dell’Antonia's reasoning for why her word of the year is "connect" very interesting. She explained that she wants to go outside more and make her family experiences more joyful. She analyzed her goals to reach and decided upon a word that encompassed all of them. In addition, she reflected her word of the year on how she wants to experience new, exciting things and share her stories with others.
This article encourages me to let my word guide me to be who I want to be and accomplish my goals for the year. In addition, the author goes to say that one's word of the year should not reflect the things that one regrets.

message 23: by Denoi (new)

Denoi Black | 11 comments
I really liked this article a lot. What I liked about this article is how it keeps me motivated to stick to my word of the year. I Also liked this article because it was very helpful in finding a word for me to chose. In addition i liked how has a lot of words pictures that makes the article simple and interesting. This article can encourage me as i focus on the word of the month by giving me advice on how to stay focused.

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