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Flip (flipmode) | 126 comments Hello everyone I wanted you all to read a comment that was written to me on my fb account I wanted to get your honest feed back. I'm only 29 years old and even though I've been called hurtful names and looked at with hateful eyes because of the color of my skin. So I'm going to copy and paste what was said to me because I feel like America is more racist now then its ever been.

(Here Is My Comment) Flip McKenzie I think you're looking at wrong no one isn't saying that all lives don't matter. It saying hey my life matters just as much as yours. It disgusting that everyone still wants to be blind and look at the #Blacklivesmatter as something bad.that I don't have the right to say that racism is much worse now then it ever been and I'm not just talking about black people I'm talking every person of color. And I'm not African American I'm just an American who is black and as for the awards show if it wasn't for the NAACP awards or BET awards then no person of color would ever be acknowledge for their art.

(Here Is His Response) You don't see any one flipping out cause the NFL is mostly black?An like I said racism is a divide an conquer tactic that a lot of people are falling for not saying that there isnt racist people out there cause there is but the civil rights movement that Martin Luther king lead was a great cause an was for a reason!Black Americans were treated like they didn't have the same constitutional rights as "Whites" did back then they had a huge reason to take a stand ,Now all colors of race who are american citizens have the same constitutional rights that all of us have now...An now criminal elements of our government strips our rights stomps on our constitution an bill of rights no matter what color or race you are.I am all about taking stand for your rights so don't get me wrong if black lives matter weren't calling for people to stop highways disrupting people trying to get home from work an defacing historical monuments like these pics here an actually more of a message of being unified no matter what colors you are I would support them.Martin Luther king never would want rioting or calling for police to be killed.He never would call for that even louis Farrakhan says black lives matter is going about this the wrong way..No matter what saying All lives matters shouldn't bother Anyone including black lives matters...did you know technocrat George Soros has funded black lives matter?an that globlist like him would love a race war in America??The mainstream media has been racially manipulating this whole thing! If you don't know about this please google it cause I'm not saying all this cause I want to be right want to win an argument its about teaching others that the people on top the puppeteers want us divided an a nation divided is a nation that can be conquered,we are all one an that's what we all need to get in our head cause the problem isnt race or color of your skin! Humanity is being depopulated an dumbed down an ATTACKED that's the problem..Also please look into how planned parenthood aborts about 61% of black Americans pregnancy that's where black lives matters should go protest an speak up about...That's where the Black genocide is really happening Planned Parenthood.....
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."-Martin Luther king jr
"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."-Martin Luther king jr

So please tell me what do you think because I really want to know. Thank you

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Michelle Gilmore | 3396 comments Mod
Hello Flip. I have deleted your second post as it contained the author of the original Facebook post in addition to profanity, which we have a rule against.

I have also closed this thread for further posts at this time while it is under moderator consideration.

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