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message 1: by Marc (new)

Marc Aplin (fantasy-faction) | 57 comments Mod
Hello all,

Each week I will be posting a summary of the chapters we have read, pointing out anything I think is interesting, exploring what the writer may have been thinking when he wrote a certain element of the story and raising a few questions for the community to debate.

There will be a separate thread each week entitled 'Chapter 1-5' (or whatever chapter) for this and my posts with comments will also be on the Gollancz/Orbit websites, which I shall link to.

Because some of us have read the book before and some have not, these questions will be more about your opinion of certain elements of the narrative and such. In addition, it would be cool if we manage to find some hidden messages and meanings in the authors work. I will probably have a separate *SPOILERS* thread too, if people would like that?

Here is the text based schedule:

March 21 Chapters 1-5
March 28 Chapters 6-9
April 4 Chapters 10-16
April 11 Chapters 17-20
April 18 Chapters 21-26
April 25 Chapters 27-38
May 2 Chapters 39-47
May 9 Chapters 48-58
May 16 Chapters 59-67
May 23 Chapters 68 to End

Once we've finished The Passage, so long as there is enough of us left standing, we will progress onto The Twelve and then The City of Mirrors :) I will be posting a schedule for The Twelve towards the end of may.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Brown | 5 comments Thanks Marc can't wait to start

message 3: by mothergunn (new)

mothergunn | 12 comments Sweeeeeeet. Having a separate spoilers thread seems too complicated, tho. Maybe we can just put it in caps in our posts?

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth (mbhopkins) | 20 comments Forgive me but if the thread is titled "Discussion of Chapters x-y" does that not automatically mark it as a spoiler thread? If you particpate in such a discussion you must have already read it, else why be there? Just keep it to one thread. Two threads will only lead to duplicate discussions.

message 5: by Shawna (new)

Shawna | 21 comments Looking forward to it! Thank you in advance, I know this will take time on your part!!

message 6: by Lily (new)

Lily Darvell (gimlilireads) | 4 comments Mod
Beth Hopkins wrote: "Forgive me but if the thread is titled "Discussion of Chapters x-y" does that not automatically mark it as a spoiler thread? If you particpate in such a discussion you must have already read it, el..."

I think Marc means if we want to discuss foreshadowing and elements of the chapters that throw an interesting light on future events! However you can mark spoilers like this (view spoiler) which might mean we can integrate threads as long as people remember to mark spoilers!

message 7: by Marc (new)

Marc Aplin (fantasy-faction) | 57 comments Mod
we'll try our best to keep a single thread then based in feedback (I prefer that idea too!). Lily's idea of spoiler tags works for those who can't help bring something up that may be a spoiler for those still reading :-)

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bridgeman (rachelreadit) So looking forward to this!

message 9: by Kaity (new)

Kaity Kenney (redladybug4498) | 2 comments So excited to hear other's opinions about this book! Can't wait!

message 10: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Wilton | 4 comments Haven't read the book yet! But it will be fun to be part of this!

message 11: by Marc (new)

Marc Aplin (fantasy-faction) | 57 comments Mod
Great to read of so much excitement :D

message 12: by Angie (new)

Angie Wartberg | 4 comments I have read the book and have been wanting to read it again, then found this group, so the timing is perfect. :D I have the audio book for this time around.

message 13: by Sheri (new)

Sheri Brumback | 13 comments I love how you have it broken down. It makes it less daunting, and I'm less inclined to say "oh, I'll never get it read".

message 14: by Beth (new)

Beth (mbhopkins) | 20 comments I may have to just read responses. It is hard for me to speak of book 1 with the knowledge I now have from book 2. That said, I do have a lot of questions about Amy and Lacey that Justin has responded will be answered in book 3. City of Mirrors is not getting here fast enough! :D

message 15: by Marc (new)

Marc Aplin (fantasy-faction) | 57 comments Mod
Not long now :D :D :D

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