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message 1: by AJ (new)

AJ Timberlake (ajtimberlake) | 825 comments The Titans are causing chaos again and Percy Jackson, as always, is stuck right in the middle. Annabeth has been taken and Kronos is pretty much ready to destroy the world again. They need to find Kronos and overthrow him, but life never goes quite that simply.

This book was one of my favourites in the series so far. I wasn't such a fan of the Hunters but I quite enjoyed the story line and I found the book to be really exciting. The book got me through an afternoon of being really sick and was easy enough to read with foggy brain but not so mindless that I got annoyed. I may be joining Rick Riordan's set of fans.

message 2: by Anita (new)

Anita Pomerantz | 6546 comments So sorry to see you've been ill! UGH. I always find it so hard to read when I'm sick . . .which is unfortunate because there's hours of time to kill. I end up watching mindless reality tv. I'm glad you found a book that got you through!

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