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Nikki M. | 5 comments After working as a university writing tutor, completing an editorial internship, beta reading for several years pro-bono, and proofreading for a romance e-publisher, I’ve branched out into offering my services to indie authors. I have a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and experience with using Track Changes and applying style guides (particularly the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition). Come receive timely, thorough, and 100% honest feedback on your manuscript!

My rates are as follows:

Beta reading = $.001 USD per word. This includes in-manuscript comments and a separate multipage write-up.

Proofreading = $.003 USD per word.

Line editing = $.006 USD per word for one round or $.008 USD per word for two rounds. Free 1000-word line editing samples are available upon request.

See my website for details:

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Nikki M. | 5 comments I have openings available after April 10th! New clients receive a 10% discount.

I'm also currently offering a beta reading deal: $60.00 flat rate for any manuscript over 60k.

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Nikki M. | 5 comments All April slots have been filled! I'm now booking for May. Same discounts apply.

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Nikki M. | 5 comments I'm currently booking for June! Openings available after June 7th. Come schedule your beta read, proofread, or line edit now!

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Nikki M. | 5 comments Booking slots for mid-August and September now! If you're in need of a thorough, constructive beta read, proofread, or copy/line edit, I can help. Service descriptions, rates, and client testimonials are all available at my website: NAM Editorial.

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