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message 1: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Marie | 200 comments Hi all, I'm a recent victim of domestic violence. I decided to post a picture of the assault on Facebook to show the world that yes, this unfortunately happens. However, I've mostly gotten so much negative backlash especially from other women whom I once considered my best friends. They said that I was "fishing for attention". They also won't even speak to me, and they are making me feel as if this situation is my fault. It just sucks because I just want emotional support but my family and friends are showing me the opposite. How do we prevent this from happening? I've never felt so isolated, and I'm so sorry that this doesn't pertain to literature directly.

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria Paiz (mrpaiz) Hi Alexis. First, I would advise you to get help if you need it, both physically and emotionally. Chances are that, if it happened once, it will happen again. You cannot change someone else, but you can empower yourself and make hard decisions that may ultimately save your life. If you decide to stay in that relationship against all odds, however, at least plan how to protect yourself. Facebook may not be the most appropriate medium, and you don't want those images to hurt your kids or to haunt you later on. Ask for legal advice and be safe!

message 3: by Bunny (new)

Bunny Alexis the National Domestic Violence hotline at 800-799-SAFE is staffed by trained crisis counsellors who can connect you to resources, counseling, legal advice and medical support. I would suggest you call them. I am sorry if your friends and family are not supporting you. That makes a difficult situation even more difficult.

message 4: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 987 comments Once again I'm sorry you've experienced domestic abuse.

Would it be possible to continue your discussion in the previous threads you opened about the same topic? It would increase readability for all of us.



You have received numerous replies there, but not responded to anyone. Perhaps you missed the community's support so far?

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