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message 1: by Fallen Catalyst (last edited Mar 02, 2016 09:07PM) (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alright. I'll start working on my character.

About the plot: does he die and then become a fallen angel or was he one of them for a while? (Cause I kinda have ideas for both.)

I Know you're typically really detailed since I've been in some of your rp groups before and stuff so I'll try and match how detailed you are. If my responses ever get too short for you, please tell me and I can fix them.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Okay. :)

I can typically do at least five sentences but I'm gonna try and do more because I want to get more advanced..

Could you post your character first, since I have to stay after school for practice so I won't be done for another hour or so..

message 3: by Fallen Catalyst (last edited Mar 05, 2016 03:37PM) (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) It's alright. I understand. Good luck with your project.

Also, for the plot, I was thinking that maybe he's been an angel this whole time. But when he like Dies, that's when he ends up falling?

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Depends on what angel stories you believe but Fair point.

I know that.. Sorry, I didn't explain my idea very well...
So he's just been a fallen angel along, right? But then, I don't really get the him dying part.
(Sorry, my confusion may just because I'm tired and not processing well)

English projects are almost always the worst so I figured you might need that luck so you can do well..

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) ᴊᴀᴄ | ᴀᴢᴀʟᴇᴀ ♛ les morts wrote: "the brother dies not the brother's best friend lol"

Oh, okay. That makes a lot more sense. I don't know how I got that confused but okay. Thanks for clarifying for me.

message 6: by Fallen Catalyst (last edited Mar 05, 2016 03:49PM) (new)

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Name;
First: Sage
Middle: Phoenix
Last: Barlow

Age: (How old do you want them to be??)

Face Claim: Braden Barrie

Pics: description
(view spoiler)

Height:5’ 9”

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown, Almost Black

Clothing Style: Jeans, T-shirts, Converse, Beanies

Distinguishing Characteristics: Sometimes wear glasses, “Spider Bite” Lip piercing- Two lower lip piercings on right side

Alright, here's my character. If there's anything that needs more detail, let me know and I'll fix it. I didn't know what to put for the age so I'll base it off how old your character is..

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Did you get your project done?

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Okay. Sorry if I seem impatient. I don't mean to be, I'm just excited about this rp..

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