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message 1: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments Who else is excited about the reboot?! I think it will be fun. :D

message 2: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) Yes! New game, new chances!

message 3: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) I love the reasons everyone's giving for their votes hahaha!

"Because she took too long to write her comment."

"Welcome back to the Bookish Games."

We're assholes.

message 4: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) After what happened I don't think I mind either hahaha!

message 5: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments I definitely agree with the first thing you said, Asti. :)

I also don't mind if we have a slower day!

message 6: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) Eh, you guys are alright, I guess ;)

message 7: by Nuzaifa (new)

Nuzaifa (n-u-z-a-i-f-a) Haha, this entertaining! ;)

I was somewhat entertained by Adelaide and Sebastian antics on the first day. Previously, the stats and all of the tactics seemed far too intense for Day One though. If I were in the game, I'd probably just vote randomly :P

message 8: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) I love the word "milquetoast".

message 9: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments Things might not be as crazy as Day One, Take One, but they're still pretty intense! Who would you guys vote for? :D

message 10: by Joséphine (last edited Mar 09, 2016 12:19AM) (new)

Joséphine (Word Revel) (wordrevel) | 74 comments HELLO! I just learnt that there's been a reboot and my favourite reasoning's the vote for Joy because a four-year-old picked the short name. HAHAHA.


Shannon's daughter overlooked the other short name—we've got to be fair about this ;)

message 11: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) I feel stupid but whereas I had a fairly good feeling of some people during the last Day One, my brain is giving me nothing right now. :l

message 12: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) I have no idea who I would've voted for on Day One, as I felt like both Krysta and Krystianna were Townies. It seems that I was right about that, at least.

I think I'm going to peg Sebastian as my first suspect. He was the one to start with "maybe they kept the same Mafia" and he probably would have convinced a bunch to go analyse the previous Day One, had Jeann not called him out on it. I also feel like he's not sharing his thoughts as much as last time, which makes me think he's biding his time and creating theories against Townies that are convincing enough to get others to vote with him.

message 13: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) I wonder if anyone will challenge Krysta and go "Uh actually I'M the Cop". Would be fun >:D

message 14: by ReadWriteLove28 (new)

ReadWriteLove28 | 2 comments Wait Val and I were both voted out????? Jeez.

message 15: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments I'm sad that you guys are dead but I'm happy to have you in the Graveyard!

message 16: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) Welcome, guys!

message 17: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) I'M SO SAD.

But as you can see. I am not evil this time :P

message 18: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Excuse me Josephine I know Shannon's daughter personally and we are bffs. That's why she didn't pick me HA

message 19: by Joséphine (new)

Joséphine (Word Revel) (wordrevel) | 74 comments Val — Lol. That's an unfair advantage that wasn't disclosed in the apparently randomised selection through a 4-year-old. I'm all the more glad that I saw reason, though I am sorry that that didn't help in weeding out any Mafia. xD

message 20: by Krystianna (new)

Krystianna (volumesandvoyages) | 1 comments I figured I'd pop in and say hello! It's sad to see that I was voted out, though I definitely didn't check the post as often as I should because I got slammed with two lab practicals in the beginning of the week and was studying nonstop. :/ I'll be sure to make sure that the timing is better next time before I join in! Also, I contradicted myself which sucks. I didn't even realize it because I never reread my post before posting it!

I honestly don't know who I'm most suspicious of right now. I went through and read the day 2 comments so far, and I just have no clue! I'm definitely no Sherlock Holmes, haha.

message 21: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) I do want to mention who my neighbors are. Can I do that? Is that allowed

message 22: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Val: Lauren wasn't allowed to reveal her Mason partner in the Lunar Chronicles game, so I'm guessing the same rule would apply here.

message 23: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments Hi, Krystianna! I hope you'll still enjoy watching the game from the Graveyard. It can be fun to see how the dead players interpret things in comparison to the live players. :D

message 24: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) @Maraia Okay good thing I checked in just to make sure :)

message 25: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Val: It's hard not to talk about what you know, isn't it? :)

message 26: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) @Maraia Yes it is really hard especially since I am maybe 75% sure of something.

message 27: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Val: It's entirely possible Asti will give you a different answer, I'm just going off of her policy from last time. I hope she does, because I'm curious to know what your theory is. :P

message 28: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) "Assuming she was protected by the Doctor (I can’t find another protective normal role on the wiki), and either the Mafia didn’t gun for her or there’s a third night-killer afoot, the wiki says “Protection from a single kill means that if multiple players try to kill someone, they will not be saved by one Doctor’s protection”, which means if one of the other night-killer role(s) gun for her tonight, she’s toast."

Did anyone else catch this in one of Beth's comments? Tucked very safely in the middle in one of her long posts. I can't help but think that Beth is one of the killing parties and has just, very subtly, asked the second killing party to coordinate their kills in the next Night. If Krysta doesn't get voted out, they both go for her and she'll be as dead as a dodo.

message 29: by Joséphine (new)

Joséphine (Word Revel) (wordrevel) | 74 comments "As dead as a dodo." ROFL. Your comment made me laugh so hard, Inge.

I haven't had the chance to read the Day 2 comments yet. Will probably do so tomorrow.

message 30: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) @Maraia probably a wrong theory let's be honest. But I don't know, the player seems pretty sketchy ;)

I would not be surprised if Beth were one of the killing parties. lol "dead as a dodo"

message 31: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) At this point, I think I would vote for Sebastian. For the reasons I've mentioned before, and also because he started a train of votes against Krysta. I'm not 100% sure of Krysta being a true Cop myself, but since she's the only one who's come forward about the matter, I don't see why you would risk losing the Cop. If I wanted to check, I would vote for Tory or wait for Krysta to investigate sometime new. And if there is another real Cop out there, I totally get why they haven't come forward. I'm just saying.

That, or I would join Jeann in voting for Beth.

message 32: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) New suspect: Jade

Also Tory, wherefore art thou?

message 33: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Trying to lay low that's what. I kind of agree with Sebastian's thinking in that the Mafia can no longer get rid of the "cop"

message 34: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Who brought up the topic of the paranoid cop? Whoever did is trying to save Tory, I'm sure.

Worst case scenario is that you vote out Tory, see if she's Mafia or not. Then that leaves two possibilities. One is that Krysta isn't the cop, the other is that Krysta is a paranoid cop. Either way it will tell you whether you can trust her investigations or not, if Tory comes back clean after her death.

message 35: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) "It makes the most sense to me to allow both me and Tory to live, giving me the opportunity to try to get another Night result so we can determine if I’m sane or not. It’s hardly necessary to sacrifice Tory to determine that."

No it does nottttttttttt. Gah.

Sorry this had to be posted. Represents my frustration perfectly.

message 36: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Val: Are you saying you would vote for Tory? Or are you more suspicious of Krysta? Nice gif usage. :P

message 37: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) @Maraia: I would definitely vote for Tory. Well, ok I would vote for MULTIPLE people if I had to at this point! But I think if we want to get past this whole mess, I would want to solve the problem of whether Krysta is a true cop or not. And I rather do it without losing her if she is one.

message 38: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Val: Haha, who else would you vote for?

message 39: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) @Maraia: Someone from my neighborhood hahaha. And I do kind of agree with the discussion about Jade. She is a little fishy as well, but I didn't look into her comments as much.

message 40: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) Can I vote for everyone? People are being hella shadyyyy ;)

I love the discussion between Shannon and Anne. One comment I'm like "Anne is the baddie" and the next I'm all "No definitely Shannon". Mindfuck!

message 41: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) What if both of them are Mafia and they staged the argument? Although they did pull a lot of attention to themselves, but they have a private chat they could organise this in.

message 42: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) The private chat is shady as well. But it's mostly Anne! I would vote for Anne mostly because I am so biased.

There's no way Shannon could not leave a trail. If she doesn't leave a trail, no one will no that there were 4 neighbors when Shannon is targeted for a night kill. And sure I don't know if Shannon (or Anne if I'm not being biased) will be targeted as a night kill, but the chances are really really high. Might as well get rid of your whole neighborhood at this point if you're not a Townie neighbor.

message 43: by Valerie (last edited Mar 14, 2016 10:13AM) (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) I just don't think both of them are townies. This might be stupid of me to think, but I feel like the fact that players are backing up Anne or Shannon shows there's SOME ALLIANCE between one of the them and some other players. I mean, there have been times where there's a conflict between two players, and no one is voting for either because it's too hard to follow or some other excuse. I don't know. I just find it hard to believe there cannot be a mafia member in our neighborhood. I mean, both Nori and I are dead :P

message 44: by Maraia (new)

Maraia (maraiazoo) | 45 comments @Inge: Lol, is there anyone you DO trust at this point?

message 45: by Inge (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) Joy seems like a Townie ;)

message 46: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Ha. Who is now Lillian :)

message 47: by Valerie (last edited Mar 14, 2016 07:21PM) (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) I think my suspects at this point are Anne, Beth, and Crini. Krysta is just really confusing and I don't know if she's doing it on purpose, or just because she is confused.

At this point, I think whoever is voted out (out of Anne, Shannon, Krysta, and Tory) will give us information.

If Tory is voted out and she's Mafia, Krysta is the cop. If Tory is voted out and she's not Mafia, Krysta is either a) not the cop or b) an insane one.

If Krysta is voted out and she's the cop, then Tory is Mafia. If Krysta is voted out and she is not the cop, then we know she has been lying. I don't know if her death will tell her if she is "insane" or not? Who knows.

If Anne is voted out and she's Mafia/SK, then Shannon was right. If Anne is townie, then Shannon is most likely Mafia.

If Shannon is voted out and she's townie, than Anne is most likely Mafia/SK. If Shannon is voted out and is Mafia, then Anne is most likely townie.

I think the worst that could happen is that one of these four are voted out, and they turn out to be townie, but then no one pays attention to the other paired player.

message 48: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Hahahaha you should play the game next time and make Maraia in charge with Kelley ;)

I agree with not voting out Krysta. There's still a chance that she could be the actual cop. However, if we go by the theory that Beth is Mafia (which I could see), and she's going to be voting for Tory over Krysta, that kind of says something. I don't know, maybe I'm also looking into this without reading every single comment.

I guess what I'm saying is that yes, the whole Krysta/Tory situation is there and needs to be solved, but they are far riskier, in that there's a potential you could lose a cop. Plus, there are so many options as to what could happen. Tory could be Townie. Krysta could be a cop, and insane cop, or a paranoid cop. Or Krysta could be Mafia. Tory could be Mafia. Or both could be Mafia (though I don't know why Krysta would take that chance to accuse Tory of being Mafia, that's bringing attention to both of them on Day 2). I guess what I'm trying to say is that there could be a lot of combinations as to both players' alignment/role.

But in the Neighbor situation, to me, the only options I see is that Shannon could be Townie, Anne could be Mafia. Or vice versa. Or both Shannon and Anne are both Townies. I don't see the Mafia situation happening because why would bring attention to yourself. As a distraction? Unless Krysta or Tory have a huge mafia member role, I don't see that happening. Either way, the chances of one of these players, Shannon or Anne, being a non-Townie is higher, and there is no risk of losing a potential cop.

Though I do agree with Asti that both of these situations are pulling the town apart. However, I don't think it could have been avoided because like Shannon said, no one would have known that there were 4 neighbors instead of 3 if one of them got killed during the Night. But since the both of them said they were neighbors, the chances of there being a Night Kill has lowered (if I were to think logically by assuming the Mafia/Scum do not want to leave a trail)

And those are my rambly thoughts! Which haven't really changed. I just want Wednesday 1pm to be here so I can see who's dead :)

message 49: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) I also had this crazy thought yesterday that Adam may be the real cop. His comments have been focused on Krysta/Tory situation. And I feel like his comment about him being cop the last game is hinting at the fact that he is the real cop now.

Then, maybe his earlier comment asking Krysta to tell everyone the alignment of the player she investigated was to see whether she is a role cop or an alignment (regular cop??) cop. Then if, as the cop, he could see whether she was taking his role.

I don't know, it's a crazy thought. Just felt like I should put that here with all my other ramblings.

message 50: by Valerie (new)

Valerie (vlangloisx3) Yay! I'm glad. Oh is this the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Edition? I think she mentioned that being the next game but then this took its place. YOU SHOULD PLAY. I promise no one will vote you out*

I agree that is probably why everyone is in chaos (woo!). But I find it a little frightening that many want to go back to the Krysta/Tory situation, since the players pushing the focus on that could potentially be mafia members trying to vote out one of the two (or both!)

*not a guarantee

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