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The fault in our stars

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Mihika Yeah... WHY GUS?
I was crying like mad after the book and I badly needed a hug!!!

Paiton OMG I feel you're pain. *internet hug*

Mihika Thanks Paiton ;)

Rachel When I read it I just stopped, put down the book and stared at a wall. I couldn't process it. When I watched the film I cried hysterically!

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I read the book at 3 am when I got to the part where Gus died.

I sunk down on the floor and sobbed dramatically. As if on cue, my pillow plopped onto the floor. I picked it up and threw it with all my might onto the ground, then at the wall. I took my roll of toilet paper I kept in my room and used about half of it as a tissue. I was hugging my pillow when my mom came in, her eyes tired and her hair a mess. She stomped over to my bed and snatched the book off the surface. I made to reach her, but she was too fast. She marched out of my room and slammed the door, no doubt waking up half the house. I squeezed my pillow even harder as I stood, my legs shaking, and climbed into my bed. I turned off my lamp and moaned into my pillow.

Later I found out I was still crying at 5am, so my dad went to work an hour early because he couldn't sleep.

ash ✈ lol
I read this book at 11pm and the part when Gus died i was already expecting it cause i watched the movie but those silent tears still slid down my cheek HOWEVER i cried HARD when i was watching the movie i was wailing on the floor failing my arms my sister was too my brother was siting on the couch muttering something and my mom was telling us to keep our voices low

Paiton I finished reading it in school and had to stop myself from crying so I just sat there thinking about life.

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