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message 1: by Kylee (new)

Kylee (kyleerae23) Did you enjoy this book or not? What did you think of it overall? What rating did you give it? Why?

message 2: by ExoDoll (new)

ExoDoll (harman_kaur) | 3 comments I really loved this book. i think that this is my fav. book at the moment. i just don't have worlds to explain it because the story line is so cool, and the characters so interesting, with secrets and emotions and problems.
i gave the book a 5 star rating because i love it!

message 3: by Kylee (new)

Kylee (kyleerae23) I really loved this book as well. It was magical and Maggie Stiefvater has such a beautiful unique way of writing. Everything about this book appealed to me and delivered.

message 4: by Fanny (new)

Fanny | 38 comments This book is so unique in the supernatural department and it appeals to me in so many different ways. I love fae-fantasy and this book gives me that but in a different way. However what makes this book so beautiful and good is not only 'the world' but the characters. Lovely and flawed characters. LOVED this book. And as a series it just gets better and better. The second book is gold.

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