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message 1: by Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (last edited Mar 02, 2016 04:14PM) (new)

Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments Hello! I'm new to the group. :) My name is Lindsay and I am a current university student. I'm looking for experience and, hopefully, recommendations on LinkedIn. I am trying to build my resume and gain endorsements on LinkedIn so that I will have a better chance at a career in editing and publicity once I graduate in December.

I write for, which is a review blog for any genre outside of erotic fiction, and am part of the Goodreads and BookTube communities. Due to my experience in those areas as well as my English and Communications courses at university, I've had a lot of experience with literature. I have also had internships at newspapers and the like, working as a copy editor.

As far as the beta reading goes, I will take on as many requests as possible, but it will depend on the time of year insofar as my coursework will have to come first. I will try to stick to timelines if given, but I reserve the right to turn down projects if my workload is too great. My preferred genres are young adult fiction (any subgenres), historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal and contemporary/chicklit.

If possible, a page or two preview or at least a page/word count and a bit of information about the story would help to give me an idea of how long it would take to read through and write a response. I'd also like to be given a brief idea of exactly what you're looking for. Otherwise I'll just use the sort of template I use in order to give feedback. If you have a timeframe in mind, let me know. If you're interested, I can pass on my email if I have time to take on additional requests :)

Additionally, if any works I help with are published, I would be happy to write a review or mention them on my social media outlets.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Weil Sent you a private message... Thanks

message 3: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Thibodeaux | 21 comments Hi Lindsay - Sent you a private message.

message 4: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Oh | 12 comments Hi Lindsay,
I sent you a message:)
Hope to get in touch soon.
Thank you,

Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments As a heads up, due to coursework and previous requests I probably won't be able to get back to new requests until mid-to-late May, but I'll post an update if that changes and I end up ahead of schedule. If anyone has something that they plan on finishing that month, though, or even next month, and would like me to put them on my calendar I can reserve a slot! I try to assign each text about five or six days so that I can finish my schoolwork but also give each text its own attention.

I have a sort of questionnaire I fill out but I am also open to answering whatever specific questions are given to me, for future reference :)

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin Rinehart Lindsay, could you tell me about classifications?

My first novel is about love (explicit physical love, too) between wives and husbands, ages 25 to 30. Is that erotic fiction, adult romance, young adult romance? If it's well written can I prefix those with 'literary'? Thanks.

Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments Hi, Martin!

Typically, YA books are ones with younger characters, and YA almost never has anything explicit written out, because it's for teens to young-twenties. It might be risky to label it as Young Adult romance, because people might read it and feel surprised by anything particularly explicit.

Adult Romance, as far as I am aware, is more about older characters, has some language, perhaps violence and sex and things that you might rate as an R-rated movie. If you want to think of it like that, YA would be PG-13 or less.

Erotic Fiction is something that doesn't fade to black or cut mid-sex scene. Outlander, if you've read that, is an adult romance even though there are obvious hints at what's happening. But no words for, say, specific body parts come up. Definite cutting and fade to black. If it's written out in detail, and especially if there is more than one scene, I would suggest labeling that as erotic fiction as well as adult romance. You can always add more than one genre if they fit.

In theory, you could use Literary as well, though I don't know that I've seen that on books I've read. The only one that would perhaps be benefited by that label would be erotic fiction, to say that it is more than just sex scenes. Fifty Shades, for example, probably could not get away with that label. I honestly don't know that it's necessary, though.

If some part of that didn't make sense or you have any other questions, let me know. :)

message 8: by Martin (new)

Martin Rinehart Thank you for taking the time, Lindsay. Very helpful.

Is there a distinction between erotic fiction and erotica?

Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments I actually looked it up because I wanted to be sure I had it right, but it sounds like erotica is based more on the act, where erotic fiction or erotic romance is based on how the relationship develops alongside or through the act itself. So, to use that same example from before, Fifty Shades would likely be considered erotic romance because it's about how their relationship is formed through the act. It's not just an erotica, which is more about the character learning about the act.

This site might prove helpful for you:

message 10: by Owen (new)

Owen Banner (owenbanner) Hey Lindsay,

Thanks for the offer. I've got something in the pipeline that I'd love your feedback on once it is finished, but in the meantime, do you require unpublished works?

Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments Owen,
Do you mean for review or an edit read of some kind? I have recently learned that self-published works can be edited if they are in e-book format, which I found really interesting, so I just want to make sure I understand correctly :)

message 12: by Kathleane (new)

Kathleane O'Leary | 18 comments Hi Lindsay,
I have a 17k book which instructs the reader on how to make any diet more effective. Six sections: Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Food Combining, Vegetarian and Vegan.

I'm looking for bird's eye feedback rather than grammar and spelling. I would love to know what you find confusing or conflicting, missing or repetitive.

Thank you for the service you offer,
Kathleane O'Leary

message 13: by Amy (new)

Amy Marie (amymarie_author) | 13 comments Hi Lindsay!

I'm looking for a beta reader for my first book. I can include the link to my book on Amazon's Write On page if that works for you:

My book is a 60500 young adult / urban fantasy novel. It's the first in a trilogy. I'm almost complete with the first draft of book two. So hopefully, if you enjoy it, you can continue to read without too much of a wait.

Here's the blurb:

Two old souls re-unite by chance and discover what evil drove them apart, and is still lurking...

Nora has had a touch of reminiscence her whole life. After her recent move to Boston for college, she meets two familiar strangers that turn her world upside-down. She is enlisted to help solve the mystery of an ancient text, and as her dreams and memories collide, she is pulled into a quest she never dreamed could be possible.

I'd love to hear what you think about the story, overall plot, pace, characters etc.

I would really appreciate the consideration if you have the time!

Thanks so much!


message 14: by Amy (new)

Amy Marie (amymarie_author) | 13 comments Lindsay, I've just been informed that the link may not work. You can find the book under Amazon's write on site in a search for Amy Marie or Reminiscence. But if you'd prefer to communicate by email, please just let me know. Thank you!


Lindsay (LindsayHWrites) (lindsaymhreads) | 9 comments Hey, friends! Sorry to those I haven't been able to get in touch with yet. Goodreads has been acting up today so I'm trying to work out if it's the site or my computer. But I will say that Angel, I will definitely have time in June. Can I send you a message after my final exam on the 10th of that month and sort of go from there?

And Amy, I would be happy to look at it in June if you're still looking for a Beta Reader at that time. Equally, I do write reviews if you publish before then and are looking for some folks to chat about it on blogs/BookTube. Let me know which would work best for you!

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