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This was easily one of my favorite reads of 2016, but I am confused regarding the end, was Lily and Ryan the couple from Whittington she was talking about earlier? How did you understand the ending? I am going with that Lily was talking about the couple from Whittington were they couple?? But now I say type this out i don't think so??

guys I got this with quotes to show you what the ending meant

This line made me know in the 10th chapter that it was them .. Six years ago, on a July night there was a summer storm that caused all the lights to go out for several hours. Many patients escaped to the woods. When a search party was sent out all but one was found. Holden/Ryan asked who wasn't found she responds a 19 year old man, a son of a Connecticut executive, he survived for 5 months until he snuck back intending to steal food . It was visiting day he escaped again by sneaking into a car. The family unknowingly transported him to their estate . Their teenage daughter discovered him later in the stables. The patient and the daughter fell in love. Holden asked what happened after he ended back at the institution lily answers these things never end well. Holden questions her don't they? Maybe he got better, he found the right treatment, and found her again maybe they ended up together after all. This is what made me think the daughter that fell in love with the patient was them..

In the end you find out they are both crazy they make up different characters and believe they really are these people. He says "most people get to fall in love with their beloved once. I get to fall in love with you over and over again." She says "in my mind I was a daughter of a family visiting Whittington that day and you were the son of a rich executive from Connecticut, and you climbed into the trunk. This never happened she made the story up in her head, if you remember when he went to research this story online he couldn't find it and chalked it up to she must of saw it clippings from Whittington. The ending also showed that they were always at Whittington, the forest along with the story of the patient and daughter was never a real setting in this story it was all in their heads. The last page he says "but now Whittington is our home, it belongs to us, I think maybe they are the crazy ones, because they can't make a forest out there or San Fransisco or Boston, or Hawaii. Boston and Hawaii must of been other stories they made up in their minds and found each other in.holden and lily were always there in the institution it was never run down only in their mind was it abandoned. They always forget who they are making up new characters for themselves and a different setting but always finding each other in their insanity and fall in love with one another every time whether it be on a pirate ship, in a war or whatever they choose to make up next time they always find each other and fall in love

Yes they are the couple who ran away from Whittington.. They are insane and think they are different people but their love is so strong no matter who they are they find each other.. In the end of the book she refers to him as the man who was found in their trunk.. The same story from the man who escaped from Whittington

For Lily Her mom was not real,the African friend that tells her to be with Ryan in the end was also not real and whoever is chasing her at the end isn't real.

For Ryan I'm not a 100% sure if he only switches between himself and Holden but if we go by what is said in the end and also what he says to the shrink he may have multiple personalities he slips into from time to time.

From what I can tell they met a while ago when they were both patients at the mental institution and from then they just kept having "episodes" but kept finding each other and loving each other through it.

The story in this book was one of these so called "episodes" :)

OMG!! I need help as well!!!


All your answers can be found here!

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First time ever i cannot move on to the next book because my soul is still stuck on this book. So beautifully haunting. Thx for answering some of the questions in my brain. Wanna cry though. How real are they? Sad.

I couldn't take anymore and joined the Facebook group... Mia is an absolute doll and graciously explained pretty much everything!

Okay so I did not like this book at all:( I am so sad even writing that phrase but this book had me reeling and confused the entire time. I get that they both had mental illness but what the hell was real and what the hell was in their mind? This book has still got me perplexed and it is three days later. I just do not get it. Someone please explain that entire book to me:(

Ok, your explanation makes sense! Thank you!!!

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