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message 1: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Accepting nominations for April & May 2016 Graphic Novel of the Month. We're going to do something a little different and vote on the books with the book with the most votes being April's book and the runner up being May's book. Since you can only vote for one book this will give a chance for a less popular title to be selected for May.

You may nominate several books if you like but to be fair I will be going down the list taking the first selection mentioned by each user untill I get enough books to vote on. I'm not really sure if there is a limit on the number of books you can vote on in a pole or not. I will work nominations from top to bottom and repeat.

I'll cut nominations off sometime around mid-month so we have time to vote.

You're allowed to recommend any graphic novel that's reasonably available. [It needs to be available in trade paperback and digital at cover price more or less.] No single issue comics or omnibus editions. No manga. No Porn. Subject matter should be generally be in step with what the group is usually reading.

message 2: by Tiamatty (new)

Tiamatty | 39 comments I guess I'll suggest The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1. Because it's hilarious and adorable and The Best.

I could also suggest The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1. Which is not strictly a superhero comic, but Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson are definitely bringing some superhero sensibilities to it.

message 3: by Will (new)

Will Robinson Jr. | 16 comments The Sculptor or Ms. Marvel vol. 1

message 4: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Fox (foxydenofreviews) The Wicked + The Divine Vol 1 or Rat Queens Vol 1

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (mirymom) | 39 comments I second Rat Queens

message 6: by Stabbing (last edited Mar 21, 2016 07:02PM) (new)

Stabbing Sorry guys I'm going to have to say no to Rat Queens. It's a little too far off subject for a super hero group and the content is pretty vulgar. I'm trying to find out what The Wicked + The Divine is about but I'm probably going to ixnay that too.

message 7: by Tiamatty (new)

Tiamatty | 39 comments WicDiv is about gods as pop stars. As gods, they do have powers. Most relevant to the first arc, they can explode heads with a snap of their fingers. Some can, anyway. There's also a big superhero-style brawl near the end of the first volume.

Like I said, strictly speaking, it's not a superhero title, but it does have some superhero sensibilities to it.

message 8: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Tiamatty wrote: "WicDiv is about gods as pop stars. As gods, they do have powers. Most relevant to the first arc, they can explode heads with a snap of their fingers. Some can, anyway. There's also a big superhero-..."

Okies, let me think about it. The main concern in content really. We're a public group and have to work with the assumption that there are always children in the group. The TOS rules for groups are kind of up for interpretation but explicit content is not allowed. My rule of thumb is basicly would you feel like it was ok to give this to a child or not?

message 9: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Brophy | 59 comments I haven't been with the group long enough to know if you've already done Matt Fraction's "Hawkeye: My Life as A Weapon"--the first volume of his very well-regarded run, but it's well worth a read.

I liked Wicked & Divine at first, but it gets a little kill-happy with the characters, and you end up getting attached to anyone at your own peril. I'm not saying that's a bad thing all the time, but I did get to a point where I decided to stop reading because it was kind of bumming me out.

message 10: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Ok guys I realised that there was a really straightforward and easy way to find out if the content is a no go. Just go to comixology and look at the comic rating. If it is 17+ that is a M Rated comic and a no for this group. Those are adult only comics.

Rat Queens and Wicked & Divine are both M rated so those are a no.

message 11: by Timothy (new)

Timothy (jeditimothy) | 1 comments Marvel's house of m

message 13: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Will wrote: "The Sculptor or Ms. Marvel vol. 1"

Hi, Will -- I couldn't find anything called the Sculptor on Comixology so I won't be adding that title to the vote this time because I can't find out what it is. We did Ms. Marvel vol. 1 in February here's a link to the discussion thread:

I'm going to go ahead and add Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why the next volume in the run up for consideration since we've done volume 1 already.

message 14: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Michael wrote: "Would be nice if you guys could consider my comic, Child of the Sun!Child of the Sun, Issue 1 of 7Child of the Sun, Issue 2 of 7[book:Child of the Sun, Issue 3 of 7|..."

Sorry, Michael we don't do single issue comics. If it gets a graphic novel release we'll consider it if it fits the other criteria.

message 15: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing So far we have:

Ms. Marvel Vol. 2
Hawkeye Vol. 1
Squirrel Girl Vol. 1
Hose of M

I'll be putting the poll up sometime tonight after midnight EST so you have untill I get back to submit anything else.


message 16: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing The pole is up and open:

Thanks! :-)

message 17: by Michael (new)

Michael Van Cleve | 8 comments Thanks for the heads up!

message 18: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Plante | 4 comments What about Animal Man Vol 1: The Hunt?

message 19: by Stabbing (new)

Stabbing Ryan wrote: "What about Animal Man Vol 1: The Hunt?"

Sorry Ryan! You missed this round of voting but I'm happy to put it on the list as the first nomination for the next time we vote.

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