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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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message 1: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Because I simply adore this book, I thought people could come and just talk about it!

Sarah Hashmi I love this book. It undoes me every time.

Natassja Honestly, his final letter really sticks with me. Charlie is my favorite character from any young adult book I have ever read. He was charming and odd. I will never forget this book .

message 4: by Alexander (new)

Alexander I completely agree. Charlie represents the perfect hero, one who stays from the spotlight. The movie is equally as beautiful.

Natassja Alexander wrote: "I completely agree. Charlie represents the perfect hero, one who stays from the spotlight. The movie is equally as beautiful."

The tunnel scene was gorgeous! The scene when he calls Candice breaks my heart, it was devastating and scary watching him in the house by himself.

Julieta Tobon This book was so relatable. I love it a lot!!!!!
One of my favorite things is the soundtrack. The music is so powerful is amazing!!!

Esha This was so GREAT. It emphaszed YOUTH and being true to yourself. But im confused about if Charlie has a mental disablity or what.

Tereza I love this book! It's definitely one of my favourites even though it's written with such a simple language! Charlie is very relatable and I felt everything he did through his letters. Awesome book :)

****Kelly***** I loved this book so much!!!!! but it was really annoying that every other page Charlie was crying and I didn't understand if Charlie had a mental disability or something

Natassja I cry every time I read the book and watch the movie. it just stays with me. Most heartbreaking part is when he comes home and just doesn't know how to process what he remembered. And that phone call to Candice hurts so much.

Lolita Sousa It makes me sad to see that people think of Charlie as a mentally disabled person just because he is so emotional and sensitive. He is also socially awkward and a bit traumatised by some of his early childhood events. Everyone should learn from this character. He shows us that it's ok to cry even if there isn't a strong reason for that. Crying is good for people, it helps to heal our deepest wounds. Maybe people wouldn't think that way if he was a girl.

Tabea I first watched the movie I know, I know thats not how it should have been happend but I didn't know that there was a book. After I found out I looked for it and finally found it.
Anyways I love this story because Charlie is just like me. I'm in a new school too and I also don't have friends and I 'm very very shy. so this book was the first I actually felt like the main charakter.
(Excuse my bad english I'm from Austria so)

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