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A cool place to chill and get some coffee.

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Peter slowly walks in. He hangs his head low as he sees Rachel, Annemarie, and Mark sit and a table

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((Is she with him?))

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Roni smiles at Peter as they walk in together, feeling much better since they talked. She took Peter's hand in hers and looked at him. "I can order of you go find us somewhere to sit....what would you like?" She asked him.

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"Umm I'm fine…" he mumbles quietly looking up at her. "Get whatever you want." He hears low whispering from Annemarie,"oh that girl! He was with her two nights ago..." Peter gazes at the wall as he hands her a twenty.

((I'm eating pizza. U can post but I might me late))

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((And I'm eating Doritos haha um who is Annemarie and Rachel again?))

Roni didn't hear the people whispering a few feet away. She took the twenty from Peter and kissed his cheek before going to the counter. "One Mocha Frappe please, two shots of espresso." She told the cashier, handing him the money.

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((Those girls are peter's old friends Annemarie used to be his girlfriend))
He sits silently at a small round table. "Hey Peter." Rachel said. "Hey." Peter said back. "Who's the girl…?" Rachel adds. Peter didn't know what to say…were they dating?

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Roni got her drink and joined Peter at the small round table he had chosen. She noticed that he looked kind of...weird. "Are you okay?" She asked, sitting down across from him.

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((No that's sharron.))
He looked up at her. "Yeah I'm fine…I just have a question." He lowered his voice," what's our status…"

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Roni listened to his question and she went bright red. "Our....status?" She asked, unsure of what it was herself. "Well that depends on what you want..." She said honestly, looking into his blue eyes. What did he want anyway?

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"I don't know…that's why i asked you…" he looks down. Rachel taps his shoulder. "So what's your friend's name...and is she your friend?" Rachel questions. "Umm…" Peter begins

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Roni interrupts Peter and looks at the girl who tapped his shoulder. She quickly grabs Peter's hand across the table. "Actually, I'm his girlfriend." She said confidently. "Who are you?" She asks next, getting defensive.

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Peter, still with his head down, smiles. He looks back at the shocked faces of Annemarie and Rachel. "Well then…" Annemarie starts. "Are you NOT from here…what's her name?" Annemarie states. "Her name is Veronica…" Peter begins but is interrupted by the girls cold hard stares

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"We are his friends…" Rachel snaps

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Roni was stunned when the girl didn't realize on her own that she definitely wasnt from around there. She thought her accent would give it away. "Brilliant observation." She began sarcastically, "no I'm not from here. And if you are his friends, why are you being so rude?" She asks.

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Peter gave them a side glance. "Just ignore them…" he whispers to Roni. Rachel and Annemarie chuckle. "Is that why you like her Peter? Is it because she is the only one around here who doesn't know about your little Raina?" Annemarie asksOk he was done! "Excuse me Annemarie but clearly you don't know a THING about my friends or my prior life. And why would it be a bad thing to know about Raina?!" He says loudly. "You're just jealous because you can never be as nice as Raina or Roni."

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Roni stares both of the girls down as they make their rude comments. Peter was handling it, but she was starting to get upset. It was obvious that they weren't really Peter's friends, or at least not anymore. How dare they bring up Raina? That was just rude and evil of them. If they said one more thing...

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"Peter you think we can't be as nice as those two girls. Well let me tell you something…Raina is died and pretty soon your girlfriend will be too!" Rachel adds. Peter's face turns red. "How dare you?" He mumbles. He looks at them. " I said HOW DARE YOU!!" He says very loudly. "You have no right to say that! Well let ME tell you something, Raina never cared for people like you."

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Roni listened and almost choked on her drink when Rachel said that she would be dead soon. She stood up from the table and glared at the girl ferociously. She heard Peter yelling, but she just focused on the girl. "I'd like to see you try." She said with nothing but cold rage in her voice.

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"Ok then…I gonna tell you a was my car that hit Raina…" Annemarie says with pure delite.
Peter felt his world tumbling down. A nasty feeling was in his heart. So it was not his fault…Annemarie had killed Raina

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Roni gasped when she heard what Annemarie said. The smile on her face as she told Peter that she murdered his girlfriend set her off. She lunged at her and tackled her to the ground.

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Rachel gasped so did Peter, "Roni!" He says as he grabs her. Rachel looks at Peter with shock. Peter looks at Annemarie. "I can not believe that you did that! She was-she was." Peter pulled Roni to her seat. "I will never forgive you Annemarue. I will never."

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Roni was about to punch the girl in her smug little face when she felt Peter pull her off of her. She was so ready to go off on her. She struggled a little against Peter, but then gave up.

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Annemarie shrugs. "I don't care Peter! Every since she was dead I felt like I didn't have to live up to her anymore…she was finally gone." Annemarie tells him. Peter burst into tears and he cups his face in his hands

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Roni goes to Peter's side and wraps an arm protectively around his waist. She glares at the girls. "I think you should go." She says sternly. They'd done enough already.

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((I have to go. U can post a I will continue when I comas back))
He weeps in his hand. E can't believe that Annemarie did that purposely.

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Roni wrapped her arms around Peter a and holds him as he cries. She didn't like seeing him so sad. It hurt her heart.

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Annemarie snickers. "Fine we will go…watch your back Roni." The two girls laugh as they walk away.
Peter couldn't believe what was happening. His old friend KILLED his friend. He stops crying as he thinks he hears a voice. He wish Raina were here. He pushes Veronica away as he runs after those girls. "Stay here!" He tells Roni. He catches up with Annemarie in an alley. He pins her against the wall. None of this made sense. Why did she kill Raina? What did Rachel do?
"Peter!" Rachel shouts as she grabs him for Annemarie. Annemarie laughs. "It's ok Rachel…he could never hurt me!" Annemarie tells her. "It's not in his heart." Now the only thing between him and Annemarie was a knife. A sharp one. He was paralyzed as two girls trapped him against the wall. He began to run.…away from the coffee shop…

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((She should get in the stomach or something...))

Roni stays put just like Peter asked her to, but after a while she starts to worry. What was taking him so long? She had to go check on him. She dashed out of the coffee shop and calls his name. "Peter!"

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Annemarie comes out of nowhere like lighting and she stabs Veronica stomach, "run!!!" Annemarie calls to Rachel as they disappear.
Lina runs up to Roni. "Oh my gosh!!!" Lina screams in denial. "Call 911!" Peter says as he bends on his knees to be with Roni. "Not again!" Peter yells as tears roll down his cheeks. He quivers as he shares a look with Lina.

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Roni didn't even see Annemarie until it was too late. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach and collapsed to her knees. She pressed a hand to her stomach and when she pulled it away she saw blood lacing her fingers. Her eyes widened and she slumped over onto her side. She couldn't stay on her knees anymore.

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Peter weeped as the police carried Roni away to the ambulance.

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Roni was nothing short of freaking out when she heard the whirring of the ambulance. She held her stomach, trying to keep from losing too much blood.

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Peter ran to his car. Lina follows. "Where are you going?" She questions. He quickly looks at Lina. "To the hospital. You need to come with me…" he trails as Lina jumps in the car.

((Hospital thread))

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((There is no hospital thread))

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((Now there is))

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