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Morganna appeared in. Her smile the only thing visible. She then made her whole self visible and went to the bored and wrote Miss. Grin in blue and purple chalk. She then wrote the agenda and sat at her desk facing the students desks.

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((Magic Defense is expired. It's no longer in session.))

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((She would take potions))

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Morganna looked at the student and grinned mischievously. "Well hello." she said smiled letting her teeth show even more. "Take a seat. I promise you. I won't bite."

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((I'm just gonna say Lydia and Yukiko are sick since I am also the teacher.))

Violet hopped in. She smiled at Gemstone and bounced to her seat. She took her potion book out and placed it next to her cauldron.

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((Basically like the Cheshire cat))

"Now I shall take attendance." Morganna started. "Never mind." she said giggling like she said something funny. "Now welcome to potions! I am your teacher this week." she said clapping happily. "My name is Morganna Grin. The great great great great great great great great great great great niece of the Cheshire Cat." she said smiling.

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"I know!!" Violet said giddily. "I am soo excited!" she squealed.

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"Now students first we will try out this potion." Morganna said pointing at the board. "It is called the Gordon Luschex. It can do all kind of things. For example if say a shapeshifter drank it they could shift into anything. Quite interesting if you ask me. Any who, have fun and try your hardest. You will be graded on this so I expect a big result." she said smiling. "The student who concocts the perfect potion will get and A+ and will get to choose a vile of potions. Now get started!"

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Violet looked at Gemstone already making her potion. She looked in her book and found the recipe. She chopped the dead man's toe finely. Quickly she started her liquid mixture. She put that on simmer and the plopped the dead mans two inside of it. She looked at the goop disgusted. She then took the pumpkin hair and slowly put it in.

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Violet raised her potion to a boil. She then added the mouse whiskers, grey hound fang, and snake scale. She wiped the sweat off of her forehead. And stirred her potion around.

Morganna walked along the tables. She walked to Gemstone. "Okay. That looks about right. Did you add everything?" she asked curiosity getting the best of her.

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"Okay." Morganna said continuing. She then looked at Violet scrambling around trying to get her potion done. She smiled a bit and started to giggle. She found it weird that someone would go through that much trouble for a potion.

Violet ran to the cupboard and took out lemon eyes. She plopped them in. Her potion then turned purple. She sighed in realief and sat on her chair.

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"Okay! Hands up!" Morganna said smiling at her students. "Use your ladel and take some potion out." Morganna said smiling. "Now when you do that fill a vile with the potion and hand it to another student!" she said giggling.

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Violet stared at her potion. And then looked at the class. She did what the teacher said and handed it to Gemstone.

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Violet took the vile and looked at the teacher.

"Drink up!" Morganna said excited

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Violet took a sip of her potion and turned a vibrant purple. She took a look at her hands, and stared at them. She then looked at Gemstone to see what happened to her.

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Morganna looked at the students her smile growing bigger. "Oopsies!" she said giggling. "I gave you both the wrong potion!" she giggled louder. "You.." she said pointing at Violet. "Got the shapeshifting potion. And you.." she said pointing at Gemstone. "Made the colorful potion." she giggled louder.

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"On rare occasions, yes. But in your case no. Violet here made her's perfectly. So it won't go away. You now are a shifter! Think of an animal and that's what you are!" Morganna said laughing. "And Violet, Gemstone made her perfectly so you now can change colors!" At that Violet looked at her horrified. "Oh calm down. You can think of your normal color tone!"

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((I don't think. Maybe))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Well class I am happy to say these to are going to have some fun with their new abilities." Morganna stated to the class as she disappeared and appeared next to Gemstone. "It might be fun for you since you are no longer on thing. And since us humans..." Morganna spit at the word humans. "Are animals you can look like some of us." she said in a matter of fact tone as she patted Gemstone's head.

((Sorry if it's not good. I don't know much so I'm trying.))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Recess.... I have never heard of such a thing. Why don't we try it out. What happens during this recess?" Morganna asked intrigued. She glanced at Gemstone her cat ears perked up and her tail whipping the air.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Well why don't we try it out!" Morganna replied disappearing out of thin air leaving the class alone in the room.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments Violet followed Gemstone out of the classroom her eyes brimming with tears. At the thought of the clear liquid running down her cheeks all of her went clear all but her clothes.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "No." Violet mumbled as she shook her hand in front of her face. "It is knda cool though." she said almost happily making her skin go a milky pink. "You?" she questioned tilting her head towards Gemstone.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments Violet perked up at the comment. "Thanks!" she replied beaming.

((Got to go. Have to get ready for my brothers concert tonight.))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Soo what to do...." Violet stated looking around at her surroundings.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments ((brb Taking little sis out to the bus stop))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments ((nvm my moms taking her out))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Umm, I don't know how to help you there." Violet replied looking at Gemstone.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments ((There Pete's Fix Your Broken Things Shop. Angel is so cheesy!))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments "Alright.. But where is she?" Violet asked looking around their surroundings.

"Miss me?" Morganna appeared next to Violet. "Well well.. Need to go to town I see. How about a class trip?" Morganna purred. "Class we are going into town!" she said excitedly and started walking towards the town.

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments ((You there?))

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Hitachiin Lover (hitachiinlover) | 48 comments ((It's okay ^-^))

Violet skipped off with the teacher towards the town. "Come on Gemstone. It's right over there." she stated pointing to Pete's.

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