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message 1: by Moko (new)

Moko | 3 comments I'm a beta who is willing to work free of charge, and my favourite genres are:
-Fantasy (high fantasy, dark fantasy, etc.)
-Sci-fi (but no astronauts, please I've had enough of that for a lifetime)
-Historical fiction (I love this stuff)

Those are just my favourites, I'm willing to read any genre except erotica, any romance novel (I can't stand them), or contemporary.

You can contact me through email at (the email I made years ago when I was like 10, still haven't got around to changing it. Don't judge me, haha.)
As soon as I'm done a chapter I will provide in-depth responses about my thoughts, and will reply my thoughts as instantly as I can. If you are to send a story my way, please send me a synopsis prior to that. (or at the very least just the genre) Possibly, if you can, send me one chapter at a time as well.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Weil sent you an email.

message 3: by Me (new)

Me | 13 comments Hi Moko,
I am currently looking for Beta Readers for my YA Fantasy manuscript. I have the first of three books ready for review. I would love for you to take a look at it and tell me your thoughts!

My Novel is set in the 1500's. It is primarily following a Princess who was forced out of her castle and wants to exact revenge on the man responsible. She is growing up and mastering her own magical abilities in the process.

If you are interested please e-mail me at

message 4: by Madison (new)

Madison Lawson | 53 comments Hello! I sent you an email. I hope to hear from you soon!

message 5: by Esme (new)

Esme | 1 comments Thank for offering your service Moko. I have emailed you.

message 6: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) Good morning Moko,

Would love it if you would be willing to beta read our newest novel The Neuromorphs.

Here is a link to the book where you can read a chapter and decide if it is interesting to you.

The authors blog post here
explains why beta readers and reviewers are so important and that we do listen!

You can reach me at

Thanks for your consideration,

message 7: by Pukuls (new)

Pukuls | 2 comments HIII!

I'm Pukuls XD and I am 15 yrs old, wanting to write a fantasy/romance novel with something like teen angst hidden there:) I have only written the first 5000 words so far, but would LOVE it if it got critiqued:)

I don't have a blurb yet because I usually do that at the end of a book but here is an excerpt:

The night was cold as she moves into the depths of the darkness, her form changing- shifting into one of beauty. Golden hair ripples down her waist, her slender figure emphasised only by a thin black cloth barely covering her breasts, flowing onto the floor where her feet are adorned by thin delicate vines. Vines filled with thorns. Her full lips are painted a bright red colour whilst grey eyes are dusted with a black shadow. Pointed ears are hidden out of sight. She flits out her tongue coating her lips with a thin layer of saliva, as a devious smile appears on her flawless face.

If the human world has forgotten about the existence of the courts. She would show them exactly what they forgot.

Starting with tonight. The death of a human.

Please contact me at if interested:

message 8: by Basimah (new)

Basimah Rasha (basimahrasha) | 5 comments Hello I am a new author writing my first book, a memoir. I would love for someone to read over my manuscript 40k before I submit it to get published. I have edited 3 chapters and I can't seem to get to my last two chapters. I no longer can read my writing lol I need new eyes, new suggestions, and new feedback. I want to know if my work is flowing and if it's boring.If you are willing to help me please email me at
Bok Blurb
“The Epitome of Truth”
By: Basimah Stout
Memory is a funny thing. It’s a powerful and fallible source that reminds me of who I am and where I came from. I decided to write my book based on memories, but not just any kind of memories, my most powerful memories where I know my pain and curiosity has turned me into who I am today. Inside this book, I will give you an insight into my life. My introduction will give you an inside look on why and how I started writing my book, the first chapter will give a visual on how college naturally transformed me into a new level of consciousness, the next chapters will tell a story on how I feel about religion, and how I no longer listen to other people philosophy on how to connect with God. The last chapters will touch on moments where I present insight on how I survived in a single-parent household, how I experienced love, sex, and romance, how my relationship with my father became unsteady, how I coped after failed friendships, and how I found inner power after going to jail for the first time. This memoir has the potential for open minded readers and teachers to connect not to the memories from which this book is told, but to focus on the symbolic level of consciousness from which it is told. Accomplishments, failures, ignorance, wisdom, joy and pain we all go through it. All human life shares the same consciousness, just different perceptions of reality. To avoid hurting the living or distressing the dead, certain proper names has been changed. The main purpose for my story is to show growth from people and themes connected to my past. This memoir may ANNOY the vulgar, but may PLEASE the discerning. Enjoy!

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