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message 1: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Levi (malevi) | 32 comments Hey everybody! I'm seeking honest reviews for my highly rated book, Beast Blood. I would prefer the reviews become posted on Amazon, Goodreads and even Barnes and Noble. Even though my book price is as low as $5.12 on Amazon for softcover, I'll send a free PDF copy of the book to the reviewer. Here is what the book is about.

Long after the great Michigan fires of 1881 have become cold ash, Gabrio's fated battle finally begins. Gabrio is a Beast Blood, transforming into a wolf by the light of the moon. He has found his life-mate, Esmeralda, and together they have discovered a measure of peace, a respite from the horrors of past. Living in modern-day Michigan, they hide their identities carefully from mortals and the dangers of half-breeds.
But Gabrio's blood is bound to destiny. An ancient prophecy stirs the winds of fate around them, bringing signs of death and a blood moon. A Blood Taster, under oath to seek out the wicked in mortals, is now charged with doing the same among Beast Bloods-and in so doing uncovers a truer sin that walks the earth, longing to take revenge against the punishment of God and using Gabrio and Esmeralda to do so. As the couple is drawn into a war between the angelic warriors of heaven and the demons of hell, they soon realize that they are destined to play a major role in the outcome of the conflict-and that the prophecy heralds the coming of the ultimate power, known as the Hybrid.
From the woods of Michigan to the emerald-green highlands of Scotland, this second volume of the Beast Blood series follows two supernatural creatures as they stand witness to an apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

Please contact me and I'll message you the PDF copy along with the review links. Oh, and to the other authors seeking reviews, I'm more than happy to read your book, while you read mine, for reviews. Have a wonderful day. :)

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Hass | 5 comments I'd be interested in reading it and reviewing it. My email is:

I can review it on Goodreads and Amazon.

message 3: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Levi (malevi) | 32 comments Hey Sharon. Thanks for showing interest in Beast Blood. Ill send you the file ASAP. :)

message 4: by Romeight (new)

Romeight | 31 comments I am definitely interested! My email is

message 5: by M.A. (last edited Mar 02, 2016 08:16PM) (new)

M.A. Levi (malevi) | 32 comments Hey Sharon and Zombie. I had just sent individual messages through Goodreads to receive a free ebook. The pdf file I had was compromised and couldnt become shared. Yet, the message I sent gives detailed steps to obtain your own offical ebook copy. Thank you once again for the interest in Beast Blood. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I look forward to your reviews. :)

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