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I thought it was fitting to put the bible under the thread life bc that's what the bible offers us...a life and hope for immortal life!

Chat here about the bible...quotes u like, talks you've heard, questions anything bible related

Just remember that some of us may have a different beliefs on the bible, so just be mindful of that :) By all means discuss just don't argue...although I'm sure I don't have to worry about that :) u guys have been amazing :D

Chat away

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Hi Dave...I'm guessing Gm is good morning?

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Hads | 902 comments David wrote: "oh nd blessed with three daughters lifes a adventure ;p;"

You have kids?

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Hads | 902 comments Hahaha sometimes when my parents call us they say the starting of all our names because they forget which one they're calling. Have one more kid and it'll probably happen to you too XD.
"Ab-Esa-Luq-Muha- UGH! HADIYAH!" hehe

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