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Being a follower of Christ isn't always easy...you have your ups and downs and in betweens...trying to live a life dedicated to God!!

If your struggling on your walk and need encouragement here's the place to come...

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I'm confuscious

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Hads | 902 comments Me three...

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As in u were saved 5 years ago or u became a Christian 5 years ago??

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Yes that is correct :)

The blood of our Lord saves us and cleanses us from our sins :) well that's my belief anywho :)

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I'm a christadelphian :) slightly different to Christians u probably haven't heard of them we aren't a huge group :)

U Anglican Christian??

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Offended who's offended? Me is confuscious again....

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I would have to agree...why worry bout wat money can buy...trust in God and have faith that he will look after u and give u everything u need...look to the things he has blessed u with...each thing he has given...is free...he's given us friends, family, and most importantly his only son...at really no "cost" to us...all he asks is that we freely choose to obey and follow after His ways....I no this picture below is a silly example of where I'm coming from...but it just triggered this thought, so I wanted to share God bless

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Aubrey ♔ wrote: "I love that i found a Christian big sister xD"

Naaaaawwwwww xx

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Aubrey ♔ wrote: "I've seriously never been able to find someone on GR that was a Christian but wasn't conservative!"

What do u mean theres actually heaps of christians on here :D that are awesome :)

My family is pretty strict on some stuff...like swearing....obviously appearance etc...in my home its all about living a Godly life according to the scriptures.... :D

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Yeah that makes sense :)

We're not big on the tatoos but my sister actually got a small semi-colon just near her heart...when mum and my sister spoke mum said she still didnt agree with it but she understood where my sister was going with it and if that was the thing that kept her alive...she couldnt say no...we're allowed piercings but only on ears...I also got an extra one (so 2 on one ear...i only got away with it bc it was the same concept as the tattoo...i had someone make an earring with a semi-colon on it) and mum agreed to that...other then that its just the basic stuff...getting drunk other acts before marriage etc...

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:) glad

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This is just soo sweet!!! This is how we should live our lives. Pray...pray...pray....don't just pray when our lives are falling apart...but pray and share with our God all things; our happiness, love, hope, confusion, stresses etc...as a child would with his father we should do likewise with Our Heavenly Father!!! This article is just a small example of how we should be including God in all aspects and decisions in our lives!!!
"Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you"
~ 1 Thes 5:17-18 ~


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That's a really good thing to do :) but also don't just pray when ur not feeling good pray spontaneously pray when ur happy excited...God is a Father to us and we tell them everything the goods and bads....:)

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Please all keep Evie in your prayers for a quick and safe recovery!! She is currently in hospital recovering from a burst Appendix!

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