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Can you have too many books?

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Lizzie For the first time in my life I have enough books that I am not going to run out of something to read. I have several Star Trek books awaiting my attention.I really want to get back to Voyager. A Pocket Full of Lies has been in my possession for several weeks, which has never happened to me with a Star Trek Voyager or Original series before. I have on pre-order several books from both series that will be released soon. Five years ago, I limited myself to just those two series as I couldn't keep buying all of them (ran out of places to put them). I usually start on new Voyager books within 24 hours of obtaining one.

Lizzie I was at a used book store and ended up finding a couple of older series I have not read before that I have had to search and fill in the blanks for the ones I was missing but are now stacked by my bed. I have a kindle filled with free books through bookbub, along with my monthly free book from Amazon to read and my monthly free upcoming book from Amazon to keep. I have a few free ones for which I have promised reviews. Some books that have been on my hold list with the local library for two months are now finally getting to me. I am going to have to actually exercise some discipline and do important things like taxes and mow the lawn and buy some groceries. This is the first time in my life that I can actually consider that maybe I have too many books? But, I have promised myself that I will read Voyager this weekend (after I mow the lawn and before I think about doing the taxes).

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