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message 1: by J_BlueFlower (new)

J_BlueFlower (j_from_denmark) | 371 comments My experiences:

I recently bought a MP3-player for swimming, and started using it last week with a podcast. While the sound is OK (and surprisingly good for the price), it is harder to hear while swimming, I discovered that I move my jaws at each stroke in a way that squeeze the earbuds and dampens the sound. The podcast was fine though. Missing a word here and there is no problem.

I started The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne this morning. I picked that as older books have a more straight forward story telling and that should be easier to follow. I soon found out there there are too many fancy words in it. I think I will try something in Danish next time.

Also my MP3-player has very limited interface (no screen) so I cannot fast forward to a position. I will need to break those 3-6 hours audio file into smaller bits.

I one way it was a success: I ended up swimming a bit more than usual. Swimming I so boring....

message 2: by Sandi (new)

Sandi | 229 comments I didn't know they made waterproof mp3-players that you can take swimming, that is amazing!

message 3: by Ellinor (new)

Ellinor (1001andmore) | 713 comments Mod
I also didn't know there were waterproof mp3 players. I usually listen to audiobooks when I go for a run. I can't listen to music because I tend to fall into the music's rhythm but audiobooks work really well. That way I get a lot of "reading" done!

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