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Henry Sturcke | 427 comments This book was co-edited by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan (listed in that order).
The 1960 first edition was hardback. The paperback edition was published 1966.
Here is the description from the back of the pb. edition:
This anthology includes twenty-four articles from Explorations, a journal on communication published between 1953 and 1959 and edited by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan. Among them are four by Marshall McLuhan, one by Edmund Carpenter, and others by Ray Birdwhistell on kinesics and communication, by Norbert Frye on the language of poetry, by S. Giedion on prehistoric art, and by David Riesman on the oral and written tradition, in addition to essays by Robert Graves, Stanley Edgar Hyman, Gilbert Seldes, Daisetz T. Suzuki and others.
There is currently no cover image; I had taken a photo of my paperback copy and uploaded it to my photos.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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lethe | 13747 comments Tim, I see you added in a change comment where you found the cover of the red edition (, which is great. But please be careful, the edition on Amazon has a different ISBN from the one on GR.

Fortunately I found a bookseller image of the same cover with the same ISBN on AbeBooks:, so we can assume the cover/ISBN combo is correct. I did update the year of publication to 1972, according to the bookseller, because ISBNs were not introduced until 1970.

I also removed the ASIN from the blue edition (, because ASINs are used exclusively by Amazon for Kindle and Audible editions. The ASINs used by Amazon resellers for pre-ISBN print editions should not be added to the record on GR.

(I have not been able to verify Amazon's different ISBN for the red edition. I could not find it on other sites.)

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim (techthing) | 227 comments Ah, thanks for the update. It's indeed not always easy to find the right cover or info.

However, when looking up the ISBN 9780807061916 (red edition in the database), Amazon showed another version and with a different cover (publication date is 1960):

To be added / edited?

message 5: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments That is not a different edition. The cover is a placeholder (note the "This is not the actual book cover" note at the bottom of the cover), and the pub date is the original pub date, not the actual pub date. 1960 is about 10 years before the first ISBNs were issued. It's most probably a later (1970s) edition/printing that just states the copyright date (1960), not the actual date of publication.

It's always good to take the info supplied by Amazon resellers with a grain of salt.

Henry Sturcke | 427 comments thanks to both of you!

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