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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments E.J.
Hello! I primarily use the pronouns (he/him/his) but (they/them/their) is also fantastic so feel free to use either.

I am bisexual/pansexual/queer, and that is VERY important to me -- especially when people assume I'm gay or straight.
Some of the things that go along with that is that I run a Multisexual and Multiromantic Identity Collective on my college campus, I'm a part of a Queer Union also on campus, and during the summer at my summer job I run an activity called "Equity and Rainbows" where I teach elementary and middle school students about the LGBT/Queer Community.

This journal is only partially about Sexuality and Gender. It's also about Slam Poetry (though that line blurs a lot for me, haha!).

I love slam poetry with a burning passion: I'm part of my college's slam poetry group and am lucky enough to be going to Austin, TX soon to compete at the College Union Poetry Slam Invitation (CUPSI). Button Poetry and other groups like to record slam poetry from there so who knows -- maybe I'll be on Youtube soon, haha.

Anyway, this journal is a place where I'm going to put videos of slam poetry and my reactions/feelings about them (both positive and negative). This might range from technical things (i.e. posture and movements) to stylistic things (i.e. how they incorporated lyric and images).

Some Slam Poems Contain Graphic Personal Narratives that I Will Provide Trigger/Content Warnings For: Practice Self Care!

If I've forgotten to tag something, just let me know and I'll put up a tag.

If you have poems you particularly enjoy or have your own thoughts about the videos, let me know in the comment section below and we can talk about them!

Either way, I hope you enjoy this journal! ♥

Others Poems (Mine in italics)
1. "Date My Mom!"
2. "Fat Girl"
3. "Asking for It"
4. "When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny"
5. "People You May Know"
6. "Emergency Exit Row"
7. "The Mother Warns the Tornado"
8. "The Friend Zone"
9. "Go Away"
10. "Word Choice"
11. "Sexting"
12. "Pass On"
13. "Montauk"
14. "Princess Peach Speaks"
15. "Collapse the Economy"
16. "Giants"
17. "Pluto Shits on the Universe"
18. "All Lives Matter: 1800's Edition"
19. "Waiting"
20. "For the People Who Ask Me If I'm Tired"
21. "Off Brand"
My Poems
Boy So Queer
On Loving a Boy

Queer Things
1. Celebrities Dodging Questions About Sexuality and What This Means for Queer Communities.
2. Gender, sex, sexual identity and romantic identity are not the same thing.
3. Queer Musicians!
4. Coming Out, a book I like, and intersectionality of identities!
5. Intersectionality!
6. Uber Drivers, Chariot for Women

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 1
Melissa Lozada-Oliva & Jonathan Mendoza - "Date My Mom!"

First off, this poem is absolutely hilarious and tackles some of the conversations about having a single parent in an original and great way. I also really love how animated and energetic they both are throughout the entire piece. The performance is spot-on and flows really well throughout the piece, and the repetition of "Date my mom!" works really for it. Also, it's freakin' hilarious! xD

However, I also felt like the gesturing took away from the poem at times or felt forced or strange -- usually when it was Jonathan's over-gesturing. I also felt like he was less emotionally invested in the piece and that Melissa carried the poem for the group at least a bit.

What are your thoughts?

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 2
Megan Falley - "Fat Girl"

Love this poem! Super energetic, performance is spot on, deals with fatphobia in an empowering way. Style of writing uses repetition really well (Used a similar style for "Boy So Queer" recently and it turned out great! :D ). Also really like the use of other people's voice and performance of them: "Fat girl told, 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feeeeelllls."

Also, just a super great poet overall. Love lots of her stuff. Next poem I look at might be "Princess Peach Speaks."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Sexuality Slurs

(Both Queer Things AND Poetry! :D)

Boy So Queer
(By: E.J. -- ME! -- performed in a pretty sassy voice)

Boy so queer his lines nowhere near 180 degrees.
Boy so queer his hair still stained pink in places from paint.
Boy so queer his smile kinks across his face.
Boy so queer his boss keeps putting the wrong labels on his cans of soup.
Boy so queer his friend’s mom agreed he pulled off that dress ‘cause he “got that bump in the back.”
Boy so queer he went as Velma to the Halloween Party.
Boy so queer the lines they ask him to walk curve like the necks of vodka bottles, the necks of boys in the backs of bars.
Boy so queer he’s told, “I’m fine with gay people as long as they’re not too gay.”
Boy so queer he learned to spit rainbows like bullets, like the people driving by, whipping pennies, shouting faggot.
Boy so queer he learned how to wrap himself in sequins like a bulletproof vest, still a target.
Boy so queer his mom says to hide it from her job.
Boy so queer his mom’s boss told him, “I just don’t agree with that type of life.”
Boy so queer his mom’s co-worker cackled, “Gay people aren’t natural!”
Boy so queer his family hides it in a pressure cooker at church.
Boy so queer he’s still told he’s going straight to hell.
Boy so queer the straights can’t bend him back.
Boy so queer because he’s used to bending over backwards.
Boy so queer his lipstick’s made with fat lips, busted lips, lip stains teeth scarlet.
Boy so queer he used to avoid alleyways like hazard lights.
Boy so queer he’s no longer scared to walk home alone.
Boy so queer he always feels alone.
Boy so queer his body is always approaching zero but will never touch it.
Boy so queer no one touches him anymore.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Rape Mention, Rape Culture

Poem 3
Anna Binkovitz -- "Asking for It"

Okay, for a poem about rape culture, this is surprisingly hilarious. Unsurprisingly, it's well-done, fantastic, and full of amazing images that comment on rape culture's obsession of "Well, what were you wearing?"
The use of ridiculous future costume changes was an amazing way to get the point across!

(Side Note: I know her and she's super rad the few times I've talked to her!)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Eating Disorders, Food Mention

Poem 4
Blythe Baird -- "When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny"

I know her, and she is amazing, she is fantastic, and I'm wishing her all the best. <3 <3 <3
This poem is an amazing critique about society's view of eating disorders and how for one person it's viewed as a disorder and for others it's viewed as "an inspiration."
A Powerful Quote:
"If you develop an eating disorder when you are already thin to be begin with, you go to the hospital,
if you develop an eating disorder when you are not already thin to begin with, you are a success story."
It does end on a hopeful note looking towards the future, but not saying it's easy -- it's a difficult journey. And that is something I really appreciate about this poem.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: sexual assault, rape

Poem 5
Kevin Kantor -- "People You May Know"

I've seen this poem dozens of times and every time, I just think ...damn... because of similar experiences and feelings and... just a really powerful poem. Thankfully, I do not have to see this person under the People You May Know tab because he has been excised from my life as permanently as I can.

The ending is so powerful, and so hopeful, and--i love this poem. Everything about it is great. The performance is on point, the emotions are deep and personal and powerful, and the images weave their ways through really well.

Powerful Quote:
"...which is to say, he is people you may know,
which is to say, I am people you may know..."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Anxiety

Poem 6
Catalina Ferro -- "Emergency Exit Row

Lots of poems are funny... but this one is hysterical!
Catalina Ferro is one of the few people I can aggressively snap to in understanding while crying because I'm laughing so hard. Her performance is super great -- the only thing I'm not a fan of is the self-reference to poetry (never a fan of mentioning poetry in poetry for some reason...).
Even though it's a great reason for self-reference:
"He then inquires as to my own catastrophe credentials.
I say, 'I am a New York City slam poet.
I can write the shit out of any situation.
And more importantly, I am the only one malnourished enough to fit through that hatch.'"

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 7
Catherine Pierce -- "The Mother Warns the Tornado"

First off, this video is phenomenal! I have goosebumps and shivers right now, and that's a good thing. I don't have words right now -- it's just such a great video.

Powerful Quote:
"If you come down here,
If you splinter your way through our pines,
If you suck the roof off this red-doored ranch,
If you reach out a smoky arm for my child...
I will turn hacksaw,
I will turn grenade,
I will invent for you a throat and choke you,
I will find your stupid, wicked whirling head and cut it off.
Do not test me.
If you come down here,
I will teach you about greed and hunger.
I will slice you into palm-sized gusts,
Then I will feed you to yourself."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 8
Desireé Dallagiacomo & Justin Lamb - "The Friend Zone"

I love this poem because it takes the common poem/conversation/feminist issue of "The Friend Zone" and expands it to be a hilarious poem about how the friend zone sounds awesome and WHY WOULD YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!?

Powerful/Hilarious Moment(s):
All the puns! And the singing. :3

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 1
Can we talk about how celebrities like to dodge the question of non-conforming sexuality a lot?

There is a difference between saying, "No, I'm straight/Yes, I'm queer,"
and saying something like, "Let's all just enjoy life and have no regrets. (view spoiler)" or "Rumours are rumours and people are going to spread them. (view spoiler)"

Now, I have mixed feelings about this whole topic for multiple reasons:

1) No one should feel compelled/coerced/forced to come out for any reason. Stars/Celebrities already have their privacy destroyed in dozens of different ways so this might be their one chance at being "normal" and once a celebrity comes out, that privacy just shoots down hill: everyone wants to know who you're dating, who you're interested in, (if you're a transgender woman/feminine non-binary person) are your boobs real/when or are you getting "The Surgery" (like fifty issues with that whole thing, but that's another topic...)? In order to become famous, stars have to give up privacy so shouldn't we allow them to have this one thing kept secret, if they want?

2) They have been given this platform and voice and they should be speaking about these things! They have so much privilege right now--for these stars in particular, they have financial stability, good career prospects, they're white, etc. They have so much power and clout, they can do so much by just coming out--if they are, in fact, queer. BUT by not stating directly that they are straight OR queer, they just allow the idea of "The Closet" to permeate society instead of actively fighting to destroy this concept that harms so many queer youths. They are just continuing a cycle that sexuality is something we should be ashamed of, instead of something we should embrace and be proud of (no matter how a person identifies).

3) None of this argument even takes into account the celebrities who have co-opted queer spaces and identities and experiences for commercialization while also trivializing those same things. For example, Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" (view spoiler) or Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer" (view spoiler) where bisexuality/fluid sexualities/pansexuality/etc. (all the multisexuals/multiromantics) are turned into edgy costumes for straight people to try on -- as if our sexuality is something that is only useful for a certain amount of time, an expiration date, "cool for the summer..."

So obviously, I have LOTS of complex feelings regarding this whole thing, and I'm trying to process it through a poem right now, but I'd love to hear any of your thoughts on any of this! And it doesn't have to be 100% articulated or eloquent or any other elitist thing -- reactions and feelings are totally rad, especially if they're colloquial and casual!

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 2

Gender =/= Sex =/= Sexual Orientation =/= Romantic Orientation

None of these determine the other so stop assuming they do, okay?
Please and thank you!

For People Still Confused, a Longer Explanation
(view spoiler)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 3

Okay, here's a much more positive thing.
Lots of great Queer Music and/or Musicians!!!

1. Halsey
2. Angel Haze (they/them/their)
3. Kadie Elder (Specifically: "First Time He Kissed a Boy")
4. Aquilo (Specifically: "Calling Me")
5. Asbjørn (Especially the "Pseudo Vision" series)
6. Troye Sivan

There are LOTS more, of course, but these are just a few you may/may not know about. :D

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Rape, Sexual Assault

Poem 8
Hieu Minh Nguyen (he/him/his) & Ollie Schminkey (they/them/theirs) - "Go Away"

Yo! Both of these people are super dope!
They both do rad poetry all the time: Ollie's on the CUPSI team with me and Hieu is our coach.
A few things I like about this poem: the performance is on point, the stories fit well together with an important theme and message, and the images from the narratives are awesome!
Look up some of their other work. You won't be disappointed! <3

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Rape Mention, Sexual Assault, Slavery

Poem 9
Imani Cezanne - "Word Choice"

Just going to put another warning here: this poem takes an intense turn in the middle -- it's only a minute long, but it's got a lot packed into it.
Because of this though, this is a super powerful poem that talks about "word choice" and the connotations we place on words and how easy it is to hide the truth in our language.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 10
University of Colorado -- "Sexting"
Sienna Burnett, Bianca Phipps, Olive McGowen, & Kevin Kantor.

Love it!
A reclamation of the sext, and it's great! Super funny, super sassy. Lots of really good images and lyric usage. Kevin Kantor isn't on stage, but he is saying "And Then What? ;) " on the sidelines.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Death, Murder
Poem 11
Michael Lee -- "Pass On"

List poem -- not always the best/engaging, but this one is great!
This is one of the first poems I have ever seen, and it's still one of the only poems that can make me cry (probably the music going on in the background, but still). Also, his voice and video are beautiful and add a lot to the poem!
His images in the poem are also fantastic! And the words are chosen so well to create really amazing sounds when performed.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 12
Sarah Kay -- "Montauk"

This is just a really adorable, sweet poem.
It's like a mini-narrative story and I love it.
The images are amazing, and the personal parts are touching and sweet and funny and awesome. :)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 4

Just a reminder that you can come out any time you feel comfortable: whether that's at three or thirteen or thirty-three or seventy.

I'm right in the middle of a FANTASTICALLY diverse book about multisexuality/middle-sexualities called:
Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World
Edited by Robyn Ochs & Sarah E. Rowley.
And it's about people's experiences, coming out stories, and lots more, and it involves voices of people who are trans and cis (not sure about non-binary yet, only a little bit in so far but I thought I read genderqueer in the introduction). Other variables that change include other gender categories, class background, race, ethnicity, geography (where they are in the world), occupation, religion, and tons more. It's also done in little snippets of conversation/interview/essay/etc. so it's super-easy to read through because you can stop whenever you need to and you can skip around to whatever sections you feel are most helpful.

Edit: Almost forgot one of the important categories -- AGE! This book includes the voices of people who came out at the age of 70 and at the age of sixteen. And that version of "out" can be anywhere from a few people knowing to everyone.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 13
Megan Falley & Olivia Gatwood - "Princess Peach Speaks"

I love aggressive, energetic group pieces.
Forewarned, if you like the video/performance, do NOT read the comments section below. It's literally a bunch of male tears upset that they decided to talk about feminism using the imagery of video games (specifically Mario Bros.). In other words, you'll get lots of men telling them to shut up, sit down, be happy they aren't in a place where they'd be raped (problematic idea from these individuals for MULTIPLE reasons), telling them they SHOULD be raped, death threats, etc. People on the Internet can get real fucking shitty real fast.
The only legitimate critique I've seen at all is that there's a moment of mild classism when they talk about how Princess Peach "makes more money than you, Mario!" which I think is a fair point to discuss more about. However, I think it's interesting that people would focus on that when there's already a wage gap between women and men (and a larger gap between white men and women of color), which makes it more powerful that Peach would have agency in this poem through financial power.
ANYWAY, besides that one thing, I think this is a fantastic poem. If you have any other thoughts or contrary thoughts, let me know and we can talk about it (I'm always down for talking about nuance and complexity and intersectionality).

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 5

Just a reminder when you're thinking of doing activist/social justice things: BE INTERSECTIONAL.

My experience as an American, white, bisexual/queer, masculine-presenting, neurodivergent person is SOOO different from a black neurotypical lesbian in Germany (or any other country for that matter).

Be aware of as many identities as you can in an individual to construct a more complex and full representation of that person and what their experience in the world might be (best way to do that is to do research or... ASK! -- in a respectful, polite way, of course, and they are totally not obliged to answer in any way :D).

In the same vein, do not ask me (or any individual) to speak for an entire community. That's not how this works. I do not know the experiences of ALL bisexual people and CANNOT and SHOULD NOT speak for "The Bi Experience."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments (LOTS of swearing, if that's an issue)
Poem 14
Olivia Gatwood & Megan Falley - "Collapse the Economy"

Societal beauty standards and how society forces them on women.
Surprisingly, a comment below this poem said it well: "To me, this poem is not trying to shame women who enjoy make up and clothes, it's shaming the society for making some women feel like they need these things to be appealing and worthy and acceptable. This poem is saying that the society we live in needs to stop manipulating women and criticizing them in order to make a profit."

Favorite Line(s):
"Weight watchers will have a whole new meaning,
like, just wait and watch as I burn this motherfucker down."

"I'm not bleaching my asshole.
I'll bleach you... ASSHOLE."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments This is neither a queer thing nor a poem.

A student at my college died today -- we're a super small place so any death shakes the entire campus to its core. I knew him through other people and knew his name and what he looked like, but that was it: we talked maybe once or twice total.
But some of my good friends knew him really well and it just hurts to see them right now.
So today has just been really emotionally and spiritually draining, that's all. Hopefully, yours was better. <3

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments On Loving a Boy
(My poem -- let me know what you think)

One of the things I regret the most
is going back to my place at three A.M. after Pride Fest
lying on the mattress next to him,
this boy who said he felt comfortable around me,
his voice, a string of lights lining the bed,
and this is when I remembered I loved him,
my body a finger on a hairpin trigger,
worried something would go off if he even touched me,
but we both passed out,
And I was finally able to sleep for an entire night,
this boy, the night light in my bedroom,
a tense, tight calm.

I remember falling in love with this boy four years ago,
after only a week together at Badger Boys State.
Boys around us talked about politics and law firms.
But we talked about electronic pop music
and cross country races
and what we are running from and towards,
and it felt like we had our own language,
made of the beat of feet slapping the earth,
my heart sprinting every time I saw him.

I remember that night we danced for six hours straight at Pride Fest,
and I told four different middle-aged men he was my boyfriend
so they would leave us alone, a warning shot,
this boy was already taken.
I remember his face, a laugh,
a tightening in my chest like every moth was pushing against their cage
to reach the light reflecting from his smile.

And I remember hugging him goodbye in the morning
and it feeling like waiting for the bass to drop in one of our songs
waiting for a firing squad, waiting,
only to be met with a mouth of silence
and the hum of a car idling in a cafe parking lot.

In the morning, he called his girlfriend
and said, “I love you.”

To love a straight boy is to love like a revolver,
every now and again,
he will pull the trigger,
when he asks about how Sirius and Lupin were in love,
when he tells you to check out this queer punk band he found,
when he sends you a picture of him in a dress for Rocky Horror
this is proof that none of the chambers are loaded, right?

Wonder just how dangerous it is to play this game with him.
When he offers you the gun,
your heart races faster than any sprinter,
your mind plays out the scene it finds most likely to occur,
which is you place the barrel against your chest,
spin the chambers,
feel it fire like a question mark,
your heart dies the slowest death,
like a runner shot with a starting pistol,
to love a straight boy is to love an oval track,
an infinite loop of hope and ache,
but it always ends the same,
with a starting line and a gun
and the fear that one of us will go off,
an endless cycle.

I remember practicing every day
for the Badger Boys cross country race,
I could’ve left this boy alone,
but we both tied for last
because I couldn’t leave him behind.

I remember falling in love with this boy four years ago,
and I still can’t pull the trigger.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Sexual Assault
Not a queer issue (maybe it is...) or poetry, but it's important.
Last night, I was at a party and they started playing "Never Have I Ever" and it started getting really triggering for me. I'm still never sure what will trigger me or why, but last night it was when they started talking about sex and my mind went to "Do I put a finger down for... this?"
I'm okay now, but it was just a really weird time.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Hey!

So if you didn't know, I'm currently at CUPSI (the college union poetry slam invitational), which means I flew down to Austin, Texas with a team from Minnesota to perform poems (which is so great!).

Yesterday, we had our first bout, and we got first!
Our second bout is today and we'll see if we make it to semis after this. (!!!)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Update!
We had our second bout yesterday and got first!
So we're going to semifinals today! :D

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Update!
We got 2nd place at semifinals! We're not going to finals then, but I'm so proud of everyone on my team. They're amazing, they're fantastic, and I love them so much! <3 <3 <3

If Button Poetry decides to publish the video, I'll put it up -- but only if it's not shit, haha.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CUPSI

Okay, so CUPSI is done.
And we got sixth in the nation! :D

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 16
"Giants" -- Rachel McKibbens

Enjoyed this poem! Super short. Super clean.

Quote: "I am saying I did not recognize her body without pain, that I never saw her walk without cancer."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 17
"Pluto Shits on the Universe" -- Fatimah Asghar

Super sarcastic persona poem in the voice of the PLANET Pluto.

Favorite Quotes:
"And the other planets, I fucked their orbits. I shook the sky. Chaos like a motherfucker."
"Today, I broke your solar system. Oops, my bad."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Racism, Racist Slurs

Poem 18
Anthony McPherson - "All Lives Matter: 1800s Edition"

Super dope persona poem from a person who says "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter".

"Everyone is equal. We have a black overseer."
"Free the people. How about Weeee the people. Black lives matter. How about all lives matter."

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 19
Thadra Sheridan -- "Waiting"

God, I love this poem. <3
If you have worked in food service, this sounds very familiar.
This poem's also hilarious, tackles a little bit of classism, and calls out rude customers for being absolute walnuts.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Poem 20
Justin Lamb -- "For the People Who Ask Me If I'm Tired"

Just a fun, short, little performance poem. :)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments Queer Thing 6
Connor Franta and the Homophobic Uber Driver

Okay so this actually has a few parts to it, and I'll start off with a story because STORY TIME.

1) Okay, so Ubers have always been a mixed bag for me. Some are amazing, some are terrifying. One of the ones we had while we were at CUPSI was TERRIBLE -- my friend got misgendered repeatedly (of course) and then the person had the audacity to be super patronizing and shit telling them how they obviously don't have a real job because they're a poet and shit, and we didn't want to get into a fight with him because he's driving and told us he was in the army for like ten years or something (don't know why he told us -- we didn't ask but ANYWAYS). And similar experiences happened MULTIPLE times down there.
So TLDR; Uber can give you shitty people sometimes.

2) I totally get that this woman was rude and homophobic and strange and cackling and stuff, but Connor does not have the right to use slurs like "bitch" in a derogatory manner. I understand anger, I understand reactions, I get it. But there are plenty of other words to use -- I personally like to refer to awful people as "walnuts." (i.e. "This motherfucking homophobic walnut right here."

3) End on a positive note! There's a new app/service coming out to make things safer!
It's called Chariot for Women and all the drivers identify as women and none of the clients can be men (unless you're under the age of 14 I believe). You know who IS included in this though: trans women and non-binary individuals (particularly those who identify as more feminine). That's right! This app specifically states that it is striving to be trans-inclusive and that is SOOO dope! Okay, that is all. :)

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 43 comments CW: Racism

Poem 21
"Off Brand" by Spencer Brownstein

So this is one of my friend-beasts performing an amazing dope poem about being mixed race, and it's so powerful and raw and hilarious at times! I was so lucky to be on a team with him! <3 <3 <3

Favorite Quotes:
"There's no best of both worlds
when neither one wants you."

"Oh, sweetie, you don't want that.
That was made in China.
That's off brand. No good."

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