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message 1: by Veronica, Supreme Sword (new)

Veronica Belmont (veronicabelmont) | 1680 comments Mod
Yes, we meant that Terry.

We're very excited about the debut of our first Sword and Laser Inkshares collection book, The Life Engineered by JF Dubeau. We're a little bummed that Tom forgot to bring more than water to drink. We're super-excited about the Nebula Award nominees. And we were a little bummed at some of the reactions to The Sword of Shannara. But Vickie helped us out with an amazing Terry Pratchett quote, and all was well in Swordandlaserville.

message 2: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (new)

Tassie Dave | 3532 comments Mod
Can I ask who chose the March book All the Birds in the Sky? It is a Tom month, but you sometimes choose them together.

It is one of the bits of info I put on the S&L Wiki for each book and also part of the stats I keep track of for each book and will share when when we hit some milestones later next year. (100th Book and 10 year anniversary of S&L)

message 3: by Trike (new)

Trike | 8463 comments I don't mind being I Told You So-ed. I am fully cognizant that I am strong whiskey, and if I dish it out I need to be able to take it, so no one ever has to worry about hurting my feelings. I was raised by wolves, so I'm good. (Actually, they were Italians, but it's effectively the same thing. Some stereotypes are true.)

On the utopia thing specifically, I had an idea that Tom's Star Trek comment concretized: Schrodinger's Utopia. I posted it in that thread.

message 4: by Tamahome (last edited Mar 02, 2016 06:55AM) (new)

Tamahome | 6253 comments Well, actually, Charlie Jane Anders's first novel was a mainstream one called "Choir Boy". I only know this from the Coode St podcast roundtable on All the Birds.

Wow, that felt good. Thanks, Tom, for teaching me how to "well, actually"!

message 5: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (last edited Mar 02, 2016 07:02AM) (new)

Tassie Dave | 3532 comments Mod
Tamahome wrote: "Thanks, Tom, for teaching me how to "well, actually"!"

I think he might have got sick of hearing it back on another podcast he and Veronica did ;-)

message 6: by Mark (last edited Mar 02, 2016 07:32AM) (new)

Mark (markmtz) | 2350 comments Hot toddy's for all

aka "soothing spiritual tummy tonics" or "hot tea for booze hounds"

message 7: by John (Taloni) (new)

John (Taloni) Taloni (johntaloni) | 3948 comments While Bloom County is among the best things ever, this strip does make me free associate to a Bad Literature opening-line winner: "A hot toddy would do us all good on a freezing, death-laden night like tonight."

Ruth (tilltab) Ashworth | 1861 comments I care about your colds, guys! I have one now. My throat is sore. :(

I had the same response to Sword of Shannara as Veronica. Reading it was a drag, and it is sitting by my bed now scowling at me for my neglect, but I still put of picking it up. And it was a busy month. Maybe I'll read bits of it in between other books... or not... hmmmm

message 9: by Gary (new)

Gary Williamson | 1 comments I have to admit that I was really looking forward to a discussion of the book in the wrap up. I don't think anyone should be forced to read a book that they aren't enjoying - life is too short - but maybe this would have been a good time to bring in a third person. We could still have had the discussion about how Veronica got bogged down, but then a fuller discussion of the rest of the book could have followed.

message 10: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1627 comments umm, I might have missed it, where was it again, that quote from Pratchett about Tolkien? was it in an interview, essay, book?

message 11: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (new)

Tassie Dave | 3532 comments Mod
Silvana wrote: "umm, I might have missed it, where was it again, that quote from Pratchett about Tolkien? was it in an interview, essay, book?"

They say where it's from in the show notes.

It's from A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction Page 112

“J.R.R. Tolkien has become a sort of mountain, appearing in all subsequent fantasy in the way that Mt. Fuji appears so often in Japanese prints. Sometimes it’s big and up close. Sometimes it’s a shape on the horizon. Sometimes it’s not there at all, which means that the artist either has made a deliberate decision against the mountain, which is interesting in itself, or is in fact standing on Mt. Fuji.”
– Terry Pratchett

message 12: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1627 comments Thanks, Tassie. Will make sure to check the shownotes next time :)

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