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Janice Ross | 2 comments amzn.to/1Seqb2j

"Falling For A Brazilian Bad Boy"

Ayana Miller is living the life any girl that's grown up with nothing could possibly want. She has the heart of the local boss, more money than she can spend in a lifetime, and enough confidence to believe this could all last forever. But when a series of unfortunate events take place, even as her man Antron Dixon's ambitions rise beyond his current territory, Ayana gets thrown into the arms of another.
When Brazilian bad boy Sergio Souza comes to NYC, his ultimate goal is business and assessing a local kid's rise up the ranks. He never counted on becoming caught up with life in the city, especially with his newest prospect's chick. But Sergio isn't afraid of anyone or anything, so he does whatever it takes, and takes whatever he desires.
As Antron is determined to climb the ranks, Ayana is equally determined to not forget about the fact that she belongs to the local boss...not the Brazilian Don. In the process, worlds will be torn apart and hearts broken. In the end, Ayana's heart will take her further into love and possibly deeper into darkness, as she falls for a Brazilian bad boy.

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Imani Hilton (imanihilton) | 9 comments ****EXCERPT ALERT****

Available now on AMAZON

From the very start we were doomed, but it didn’t matter to us. If someone has the ability to take you high beyond the sky, why not take the risk? I was a damaged woman before we walked into each other’s lives. I used my body and mind to get the things that I wanted from people. But he showed me how to make decisions with my heart and get better results. He had the means to make me feel him even when he wasn't around. Just the mention of his name sent chills down my spine and a warm sweet wetness between my thighs. I was his and he was mine, but could these feelings be trusted? I’m already in relationship with someone, but only in the physical sense.
Mentally I had left my relationship way before Omari entered into my life. I was already hanging on the edge, but meeting him that day gave me all the push that I needed. I wanted to be bad for him. I felt things I shouldn’t have felt. I no longer wanted to be the good girl everyone thought they knew. I no longer wanted to be predictable. I lost myself in my relationship and needed to find my way back. I took meeting Omari as a sign. That now was the time I should take back my heart and give it to someone who was more deserving of it. There’s just one small problem, I haven’t quite gotten around to telling Raheem it’s over yet.


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